Friday, June 13, 2008

Ditto Story Premise

While this isn't by any means a summary, the following "premise" describes quite a bit about what the Ditto Story is/has been about. While part of the beauty of the Ditto Story is that it appears different to every Dinkling, this is my view of why it's so special.

Note from Rya: As I said, this is my view of what the Ditto Story is all about. If you feel I left something out or anything like that, feel free to let me know and I'll edit it. I don't want this reflecting my view of it if that contradicts the views of others.

Ditto Town started when several people got together in order to enjoy each other’s company and to “ditto” each other. At first, for the most part, it was designed mostly for fun and randomness, and few had any idea of what it would grow into. However, soon after its beginning, Shieldmaiden was appalled by the “conformity” demonstrated by Ditto Town’s citizens and created Darth Devaricate, the Dealer of Death to all Dittos. Of course, this could not go unchallenged, and soon, the Ditto Team was formed to stem the tide of Originality. For many a page of the Ditto Thread, the valiant protectors of the Dittos and the courageous upholders of Individuality battled it out, and although they would call the other enemies, it was all light-hearted, and they knew they were enemies in name and Ditto/Original siding only.

Unfortunately for our fair Dittopia, the Originalists turned out to be far from their only adversaries, as the Count No Dittos proved by beginning their string of misadventures with the murder of the Good Sir Count Cor!. Soon after, their problems were escalated when the Organization, a group that some of Ditto Town’s residents (or their family) had worked for/with, turned out not to be as benevolent as they were first believed. When they had first affected Ditto Town, they aided the town against the Count’s Nephews Magron and Faron. However, it soon became painfully apparent that they were really far more interested in seizing the Ditto Town Fountain’s source…which, in reality, was the Fountain of Youth. Also, they have discovered that many people have, in one way or another, been affected by the Organization---generally through their unethical experiments---have found their way to Ditto Town. Because of this, the Organization is more than eager to get their hands on as much of Ditto Town as they can.

Through this, however, Ditto Town has become far more than an ordinary town. Through their love of life and regard for it, no matter how unusual it may be, the townsfolk have woven their home into a haven for anyone in need. No matter what kind of background, heritage, or problems a person may have, he can quickly find unconditional love and acceptance in Ditto Town, for the Dittopians have learned to love not in spite of differences, but because and through them. Despite their struggles just to keep their town alive, they have held together and held on through three important virtues: Faith in God (or Aslan for some) that all will turn out as it should, Hope for a time when the Organization’s power has no hold over them anymore, and Unconditional Love for each other, be it in the form of friendship, kinship, or romance.