Monday, September 3, 2007

Ditto Story 6 Summaries (Pages 36-39)

Page 36:
leuthilalda: Bob, Sea-Lily, and Shasta accompany Reese to the place where the rescue team came into Dittopia. Aslan helps them through, and they see Him and Annaka with Him
stardf29: Reese finally meets with Aslan, but is reluctant to stay in Narnia because he does not want to leave Isaac. Aslan tells Reese about links between Narnia and the Land of Dittos, and Reese decides to try to find those links so that Isaac may see Reese again. Aslan tells Reese to specifically look for "a song from the flowers."
shastastwin: Chase and Rana go back to the monster's cave, as do Isaac and Nerrha. After finally agreeing that Chase and Rana did see Aslan and are supposed to kill the monster, Isaac lets them eneter the cave. Chase uses his sword that hates evil to destroy the monster, but the human life inside that is Isaac's father is also fading.
leuthilalda: Bob finds out that Annaka is now a talking horse. They both realize that they are in love, Bob proposes, and she accepts.
EveningStar: A SHORT STORY
Ryadian: The search party finds an unconscious Phoenix Archer propped up against a wall of HasarĂ©’s hideout, now abandoned. After a curt "Thank you", Ditto Hunter asks her about what happened, and she snaps at him, then actually attacks him. He reminds her what she’s doing, and she shamefully leaves. Diana and Anna inform him that they’re pretty sure they know what’s wrong, and Ditto Hunter pretends to leave it at that. However, he’s still curious…and knows that there’s something wrong.
Aslans_Mane: This segment has been deleted due to the fact I've tweaked my plot a bit. We will see this stranger in the next story.
lysander: Yves and Rose spy on Grace and Bronwyn. Marcus, on his way out, invites them to come for the last bit of the picnic. From his mannerisms, Yves begins to suspect that there’s something wrong, but Marcus reveals nothing.
GreenLady76: Darien goes in search of Lark. He meets Abby, who reveals that she is in the MacCormack Gardens
GreenLady76: Darien finds Lark in the MacCormack Gardens and decides to speak with her.
leuthilalda: Bob and Annaka announce her change, and their engagement. Bob is surprised by the appearance suddenly of the Narnian Rescue group.
stardf29: Isaac retrieves a strange crystal from the monster, in which his father is trapped inside somehow, alive. Chase marks a mysterious spot in the cave with his sword, and agrees to do some sword-training with the Star Defenders. Isaac reveals his thoughts over the past events, and how he has finally come to let go of his brother's grip on his life, shredding the note he got all those years ago into pieces as a symbol of that. Isaac decides to simply enjoy Ditto Town for awhile with his friends.
leuthilalda: Rose has a strange dream, and they realize how much they miss their friends from Narnia
Mitana: Mitana, Erica, Swiftwing, and Valyantasha meet Abby and get rooms at the Inn Between.
Cymru: Cymru and Rose become more acquainted at the picnic while Yves mopes. Cymru sneaks away to read her letter and Will watches in silent glee. Hugh's pac suddenly loses his program alerting them to unwelcome company at the pub and Cymru, having to drifted to sleep, is found in a trance induced by a suspected totem.
Cymru: See above

Page 37:
Cymru: On the return to the pub, Will asks Cymru about what she saw while dreaming. When they arrive at the pub, they find someone unexpected.
shastastwin: Chase goes back to the cave, alone (to avoid anyone else getting hurt), in order to investigate. He finds a very large computer, and when it asks him for a code, the PDA Kar gave him beeps and gives him the code. He enters it an presses ENTER.
QueenLucy: With Aslan's help, Hannah defeats Widlin, and all is restored as it should be. She and Fawnla go to the Cup & Platter to have breakfast.
JillPole: Oceana is feeling lonely due to the departure of all her friends and Eruheran, but her loneliness is cured when she finds another mermaid named Adrian in Ditto Town.
GreenLady76: Darien tells Lark that he wants to stay with her, but also says that he will leave her be if she wishes.
GreenLady76: Abby helps Lark to decide whether or not it is safe for Darien to stay.
Aslans_Mane: Rachel, Molly, and Greedo are all in their room, though Fredrick hasn't returned. Rachel reflects on events in her life, including her confusion at her quick acceptance of Greedo and memories of her grandfather.
starkat: Just an interlude piece. Katherine and Ryder head out for a ride and something unexpected happens.
shastastwin: Kar is captured by the Org and the new Headmistress of the 'school' uses the Org's "Final Weapon" on him, extracting his sinful nature.
BERNINBUSH: Elana and the other Org operatives take stock of what they’ve lost, and decide which projects to keep during a six month “rebuilding” time. They realize they can no longer afford to pursue the Gibsons or Cymru, at least for now.
leuthilalda: Bob and the rest talk for awhile, and then many of them come back to Dittopia.
Ellesar: Rana is called to the forest, where she meets up with Aslan again, and he tells her that something is waiting for her in "the place she fears the most." A little apprehensively, Rana approaches the site of the accident (the place she feared the most), and while there, she feels at peace with what had happened for the first time, and then a surprise that even surpassed her wonderment appeared.
GreenLady76: Lark tells Darien her decision.
stargazer: Abby leaves Lark and returns to the Emporium to finish preparations for the baby shower
shastastwin: Greya and Torla prepare gifts fro the baby shower.
shastastwin: Carl, John's main assisstant and replacement, learns that Kar has escaped and sets out to find him. The Headmistress watches him leave and contemplates the Program.

Page 38:
Marigold Gamgee: The library re-opens. Shakespeare wonders how Seymour could come up on him so suddenly.
GreenLady76: The man pursuing Lark parts ways with the Org and meets up with a fairy from the court of Oberon and Titania. They decide to join forces.
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha plan to spend some time training for a confrontation with Isaac's brother. Jean and Claude talk about the dangerous path ahead of them.
Cymru: We meet Mrs. Penhallow and Bronwyn shows a change of heart.
GreenLady76: Marion and Lark make amends.
shastastwin: Torla takes the gifts to the shower. At the end of the shower, she is offered a job by Cymru. She and Greya announce their engagement.
stargazer: The baby shower begins and Abby greets some of her guests, including Cymru and Tara and Angela Brecker
starkat: Katherine, Ryder, Olivia, Lianna, and Rena make their way to the baby shower
lysander: Marcus reveals Will’s true identity to Yves. Testing his theory out, the younger man dances with Cymru, and notes the expressions of jealousy on the lover’s face. Yet he also arouses the passion of another onlooker.
lysander: Grace goes on a mad rampage against everyone in the room—particularly against Yves, for ignoring Rose’s love for him, against Cymru, for flirting with both he and Will, and against Iaffin for, as she thinks, deliberately ruining the experiments which resulted in Rose and Grace’s physical disabilities. Taking her outside, Yves gives her a lecture, then asks if Rose really loves him. As his heart thumps with the idea, Grace reaches up and kisses him herself. He flees.
BERNINBUSH: Tara and Angela return to Ditto Town for the baby shower. It’s late at night, so they decide to camp on the outskirts of town and not disturb anyone. Tara reveals that she wants to return to Ditto Town to live, but she needs a way to support herself.
Cymru: A totem is explained to Will. He and Iaffn and Angharad discuss clues to who may be using it.
Cymru: Cymru writes to Giles. She and Bron have their evening together. Bronwyn makes a decision.
Varnafinde: Chava tells Erik and Varna about her life, and Varna tells Erik about Middle-earth cosmology. They have another look at the stardome, and Varna recognises the Narnian sky, because she was born in Narnia and lived there for the first five hundred years of her life. Abby invites her to meet others who know Narnia at the baby shower.
leuthilalda: Rose, annaka, sea-lily arrive at the baby shower. Annaka sees Angela and Tara coming, and asks Angela to be her maid of honor
Nennare: Rocks follows J, as she has been since he escaped from jail, using her Invisibility Cloak. She follows him into a secret Organization lair, and finds out who his boss is. After listening to J, the boss goes into an "important meeting" with people he only refers to as "the delegates of the Nine". They talk about an "acquisition", chastize the boss for his failures, and mention Ditto Town...and several Dittopians by name. Rocks knows she needs to pass on this information to Ditto Rider.

Page 39:
alora-lindea: Song and Tyler return to town after their honeymoon, and they arrive just in time for the baby shower.
Cymru: Will has a dream
lysander: Grace struggles with a plethora of feelings, but heartbroken, finally decides to return to the DF, hoping that he can make her as stone-hearted as he, thus rescuing her from the horrible flames of love.
Varnafinde: Rose finds the gifts from Greya at the baby shower. She meets Varna. Varna tells Rose that she was born in Narnia.
leuthilalda: The wedding of Bob and Annaka
Cymru: The dream continues
shastastwin: Torla hires the Star Defenders to make an outdoor wedding scene for her and Greya's wedding.
lysander: Alec awakes and, thinking he hears the DF in the woods, escapes to the vampire compound and asks Methos to let him in; Rose, learning of Grace's escape and Cymru's disappearance, blames herself for these horrible events.
BERNINBUSH: Katherine and Ryder reveal that they are siblings. Abby asks Tara to make merchandise for a new Welcome Center and Gift Shop in the Emporium. Tara suggests a new Patrol, with both Dittos and Originals, to guard the town against evildoers.
stargazer: Erik views the shower gifts and is impressed with Tara’s skill. They discuss the proposed welcome center and new town patrol. His parents leave for home, and he meets Amb in the woods.
BERNINBUSH: Tara thanks Miriam the Bernin Bush and begins her new life in Ditto Town.