Monday, September 3, 2007

Ditto Story 6 Summaries (Pages 21-25)

Page 21:
starkat: Katherine and Ryder ride out to see Star's foal before the wedding. They return to town and then head for the wedding.
Jints: Chica realizes that, by promising to protect the egg, she has irrevocably linked herself to Ditto Town and can't leave anytime in the near future. She sets out to find her friend Whip in order that he can deliver the message to her people that she's staying in Ditto Town.
QueenLucy: When Robert whispered into Hannah's ear, he was telling her that Widlin burned down her home.
stargazer: Erik and Greya discuss the elf's possible gift to the future hatchling
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha talk about the bachelorette party that Nerrha went to. Also, Isaac shows Nerrha the garden he was working on, and Nerrha agrees to help him finish it up.
Earel Alquawen: Orlo and Julius are rescued from the tree by the SHORT Patrol.
TirianSonofAdam: Kelian wakes up in a long series of ancient catacombs and tries to find his way out..
Earel Alquawen: Orlo and Julius are told what they are rescued from and everyone falls asleep with the expectation of catching Reechab and Baanah in the morning.
Jints: A day later, Whip (who turns out to be a bird) finally arrives, and after he and Chica do some catching up, she gives him the message she wants him to deliver, then asks him for a ride home. He grants both her requests.
stardf29: Isaac asks Nerrha to go to the Emporium opening masked ball with him, and they bring masks that make them look like each other. The two meet up with Rana, whom Isaac also asked some time ago to go to the ball with.
Jints: Abby invites Chica to the baby shower and convinces her to come...though Chica makes it clear that she has every intention of watching from the rafters. Abby begins devising a way to get Chica to open up a little more to the other Dittopians.
shastastwin: Greya explains more about his gift to Erik.
TirianSonofAdam: Kelian remembers dreams from his Long Sleep, especially his dreams of a certain enchantress. After breaking out of the catacombs, he finds himself in the Great Hall of an ancient underground castle, and decides to seek the Great Wizard.
shastastwin: Greya sees the future of Ditto Town displayed in his carving, then destroys the carving to save others from knowing.
stargazer: Erik considers Greya's offer.
leuthilalda: Rose reviews the events of the previous days.

Page 22:
shastastwin: "He" has a discussion with Losf, whom he has employed to watch and aid attack against Ditto Town.
Aslanchild: Furry One and Samuel meet, eat, talk about their pasts and receive invitations to the opening of a new emporium. They decide to go together.
TirianSonofAdam: Kelian searches for the Great Wizard desperately, until he meets the Wizard in the form of a Lion. The Great Wizard releases Kelian into the forest and sets him on a path, and clothes him. Then Kellen sets off towards Ditto Town.
leuthilalda: Toby and rose visit the post office, learn a little about Tara, and Rose is invited to the baby shower.
Cymru: Yves and Cymru are reunited. Yves learns that Giles has left Ditto Town and he also meets Will Davies.
lysander: Yves takes Rose and Grace to the Inn Between, where he rents them a room. He agrees to come and fetch them at sunrise. Once he is gone, Grace reveals to Rose that she no longer frowns upon Yves nor loves the Dark Fancier, because she has found a better man.
BERNINBUSH: Tara breaks into the Org headquarters in an attempt to rescue Angela.
BERNINBUSH: Tara’s rescue attempt fails as Angela is re-captured. She is forced to run away without her.
stardf29: Isaac escorts Rana and Nerrha back from the ball. Once at Rana's house, Isaac gives her a goodbye hug, and then tries to take Nerrha back to her ship. However, she runs off on her own, letting out words reflecting the jealousy in her heart.
BERNINBUSH: Elana tries to find out who made the rescue attempt, and learns it may be a woman. She orders that Angela be given no food until she talks.
Shawna: In the compound, Jona meets Leia, one of the youngest vamps, and finds out that the these young ones have apparently been the victims of a certain amount of propaganda and information-hiding, and everyone seems to be afraid of the vamps in power.
Cymru: Cymru and Will become more acquainted.
lysander: While waiting for Jona to come out, his transmitter beeps. He stomps on it, severing his link from his owner, and begins to build a campfire.
Ryadian: Phoenix Archer and Hasaré, "the woman", have another argument. During the discussion, Phoenix Archer discovers that Hasaré is the one who stole the mysterious green crystals. She demands to know what Hasaré is planning, and she merely laughs it off and tells her that she "ought to have figured it out already". Phoenix Archer seems to realize that something bad is going to happen soon, and that Hasaré wants to use the crystal to accomplish her mother’s "dream".
Ellesar: After Rana gets home from the ball, she and her mother talk for a bit, before Rana decides to take a "midnight walk" (it's not necessarily midnight)
lysander: On his way back to the Cup and Platter, Yves goes to deliver a report on the Dark Fancier to Ashley, the MP. When she finds out he has let Grace, one of the DF’s workers and a possible spy, into town, she nearly chokes on a marshmallow. He assures her that he’ll keep a tight guard on the sisters, however, and will try to question them.

Page 23:
stardf29: Jean and Claude bring Julius over from MM's hideout to Isaac's ship, where they manage to take Isaac's logbook and put it in Nerrha's spaceship.
GreenLady76: Darien and Marion arrive at the Inn Between and are greeted by a rather angry Lark. Lark runs away.
Earel Alquawen: The SHORT Patrol spend two days looking for Reechab and Baanah. To be continued in the next post...
Cymru: Cymru meets her mother. We learn that Will Davies knows Giles.
Cymru: Will asks Cymru some hard questions about her relationship with Giles.
Cymru: Cymru overhears a midnight conversation between her father and Will Davies.
stardf29: While dealing with her anger towards Isaac, Nerrha somehow finds his logbook on her bed, and reads the latest entry. In that entry, Isaac describes his "unusual" view of dating and how special Nerrha is to him.
Earel Alquawen: Ree and Baan are found by the SHORT Patrol and their plans uncovered
Earel Alquawen: Cap sets off to warn MM
coraline: Lance Nix is in a bind (which resembles a closet), and winds up losing his job. So do the pirates.
Ryadian: Anna goes to talk to Ditto Hunter, and Diana goes to the President to talk to her. Anna arranges a "temporary truce" with Ditto Hunter if he’ll help them find Phoenix Archer (which he agrees to), and Diana begs the MP to somehow help them find her. The President agrees.
stardf 29: The morning after, Nerrha returns Isaac's logbook, and the two talk about their feelings and confirm that they want to stay best friends.
leuthilalda: Will makes friends with Emily, finds that he knows her speech, and gives her an interview.
Cymru: We find out that William Davies is really Giles and that he and Iaffn are keeping his identity a secret in order to protect Cymru and him both from the Dark Fancier.
shastaswin: Greya wakes to find Erik at the door. Erik says that he and Abby have accepted Greya's gift. Greya begins work. He calls the Silmani.
stardf29: Isaac introduces Nerrha to Erik the gargoyle, and Erik invites the two to watch the delivery of Abby's egg. After the delivery, Isaac and Nerrha decide to do what they can to protect the town from The Organization while they are still there.

Page 24:
Marigold Gamgee: Marian, Dicks, and Seymour meet Lucy. They see more of Dicks ability to correct errors on a paper by tapping his foot. They get jobs at the library. They get a house. Marian knows who the Lion is in her world.
lysander: On arriving at the Cup & Platter, Yves is introduced to Cymru’s mother and sister. Bronwyn forms quite a crush on Yves and discovers a way to peck him on the cheek, while Cerberus and Marcus have become so close that Yves lets Marcus keep the rat. Marcus also reports on Cymru’s grief at Giles’ departure, and suggests that if he did not return, Yves might be her only key to marital happiness.
Violet Vale: Chava arrives to a place near Ditto Town and is thrown unconscious on landing.
stargazer: Abby, alone on the Emporium roof, sees a meteor land outside of town and goes to investigate.
leuthilalda: Emily mentions the grey ghost, and Will realizes that the past legends about him may spoil his new life
TirianSonofAdam: Kelian enters Ditto Town, exhausted. Still recovering from his long sleep, he stops to rest and finds himself at the Inn Between, being adressed by Boo-Kay. Kelian grows faint and falls into a deep sleep.
Violet Vale: Chava opens her eyes to find that the light had gone and her arm is injured but also that she had landed on the planet. Just as she is feeling better she turns to see what she suspects is a dragon.
stargazer: Abby offers to treat Chava’s injured arm and makes a new friend.
BERNINBUSH: Tara encounters a Voice in her campfire, finds the forgiveness she is seeking, and discovers she must allow others to help her.
Violet Vale: Chava tells Abby her story, of how she left her home star on loosing her father and grandmother. At the end she breaks down into tears and Abby comforts her. Chava finds a friend and decides that this planet could be her new home.
stargazer: Abby and Chava talk into the night; Abby explains about Erik and offers Chava a place to stay and a glimpse of her egg
TirianSonofAdam: Boo-Kay wakes up Kelian, and questions him. Kelian tells Boo-Kay a little bit about himself, and that he has come to Ditto Town to help fight those who serve the Lion. Kelian decides to sleep at the Inn and look for someone to help him in the morning.
shastastwin: Torla sees the 'meteor' and goes to investigate. She follows Abby and Chava into the Emporium. She steps out as Abby aska Chava if she wants to see her egg.
stargazer: Torla meets Abby and Chava in the Emporium, and demonstrates an unexpected healing ability
Jints: Chica reviews her day, and does a bit of soul-searching in the Rookery
leuthilalda: Rose has a dream indicating the changed heart of Will, and Toby reads Emily’s interview and is troubled.

Page 25:
shastastwin: Torla asks Abby what it was like when she first fell in love. Torla ponders how Greya will propose. Torla and Greya each consider Torla's lifespan.
Jints: Chica finds the Emorium's new guest
leuthilalda: Toby comes to the bush where Will is lying, and says they must talk
shastastwin: Chase meets Rana in the woods. They discuss their pasts. Aslan arrives.
shastastwin: Aro threatens to kill Rana. Aslan appears and tells Chase how to be free of Aro. Chase is told to protect Rana and aid her quest.
leuthilalda: Toby and Will start to talk about Will’s being in Dittopia
leuthilalda: Toby and Will get a vision of Aslan, and He makes peace between them
Ellesar: Chase and Rana find the monster's lair and have an encounter with the monster, but manage to escape.
shastastwin: Greya proposes to Torla.
Cymru: Angharad, Cymru, Bronwyn, and Hugh enjoy each others' company in the kitchen, while Cymru does her best to avoid thinking about passing out the night before.
lysander: Rose and Grace wake up in time for Yves to fetch them.
lysander: Yves procures a wheelchair for Rose then takes her and Grace to the Cup & Platter. After accepting a 2nd (and this time real) apology from Bronwyn, he leaves to go practice with Cymru and Marcus.
Marigold Gamgee: The library will have an ongoing reading project, the book being Les Miserables. Shakespeare and Dicks have been correcting the encyclopedias. Herbert and Seymour have been going through the archives. The library will have a grand re-opening soon. The library was named for the Eternal Opthamist.
Cymru: We see how Marcus has taken up Cymru's training where Ethan left off - an relationship which both enjoy. Marcus makes a small bid for Yves which worries Cymru that he knows Giles' fate. Yves arrives and in the midst of their scrimmage, Cymru realizes an attraction for him that goes beyond friendship, and it plagues her guilty conscience. As she and Yves find themselves in an unexpected compromising position, Iaffn and Will arrive - and Will appears furious.
shastastwin: Chase comes to Rana's house and they agree to go see Isaac to find out why they pitied the monster.
GreenLady76: The man who has been chasing Lark overhears Marion and Darien talking of Lark's heritage and plans to use the new information to his advantage.