Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ditto Story 7 Summaries (Pages 1-5)

Here are the segments for all the segments currently in Ditto Story 7. (Note: since the story isn't finished yet, these are subject to change.)

Note from Rya: Again, if you see any posts of yours with incorrect/no summaries, please send me a correct one!

Page 1:
Boo-Kay Bucket: Introductory post
Cymru: Prologue
starkat: The Ditto Rider goes in search of the Manipulator of the Mundane to make a proposal
stardf29: (Author's note: This post and others following it are taken from the Ditto Mansion Valentine's Day Ball. The timing is quite off, I know, but there will be an explanation at the end. of this series of posts.) Isaac and Nerrha prepare the Emporium for a Valentine's Day Ball. Isaac asks Nerrha out to said ball.
stardf29: At the ball, Isaac and Nerrha sort out an unfortunate incident involving sprinklers. As an honorary tribute to their work, Erik and Abby dedicate a song to the two: the most beautiful song Isaac has ever heard.
stardf29: Isaac wakes up and finds out that the whole Valentine's Day Ball was only a dream.
Prince Corin: Rodo and Soras return from their mission, eat breakfast, and take a rest from adventure.
Narnian_silver: Silver arrives in town at night. She was cast out from her village due to her partially Elvish heritage, and is concerned that the citizens of Ditto Town might do the same.
Conquistador: Doulden and Janet are reminded of their parents, who were killed many years earlier in a fire, allegedly by John Anthony, a man they condemned for murder two weeks earlier.
leuthilalda: Rose has her babies, Tom and Maidenberry
Earel Alquawen: Everyone in the Living Grotto is grieving the loss of Chips. MM runs an errand.
Earel Alquawen: MM stops by the Knarled Bark, a tree at which she can find communications from Rochil. While there, she sees a woman in an Elvish dress on a brilliant horse; both of which she doesn't recnognize. She waits for the other woman to speak.
starkat: The mysterious woman is Rochil. She suggests the idea of a Ditto/Original neutral patrol to help protect the town, in order that the Ditto and Original forces can come together when the need arises. MM is very hesitant to accept the idea.
Conquistador: Doulden and Janet talk some more. Janet tells him how a man named Brutas Hackenfoen helped her get her degree and, therefore, become a doctor.
lysander: Note: This post has been deleted due to the fact that the beginning events of Cymru's storyline (to which Yves and Rose are somewhat attached) are to happen the same night we wrapped up in last story. The frontal section of this segment shall be re-posted later.Thank you for your understanding.
Earel Alquawen: MM reluctantly agrees to join the patrol, but only if the SHORT Patrol is to be used only strictly with permission from her, and the Hamster Army answers to her alone. Also, since she is horseless, Rochil lets MM use Nightwind.

Page 2:
starkat: Katherine reveals that she's known of a possible threat for a couple of months. She and MM return to town. Katherine posts an announcement about the new team in the town square
leuthilalda: An elfen stranger comes to town, and checks on the bush under which Will has been living. He is surprised to find it has "awakened". He picks some of the bush's berries.
Shawna: Methos the vampire decides to join the new patrol.
Conquistador: Janet and Doulden discuss their plans after moving out of the hotel they've been staying at. Doulden mentions Ditto Town, and after some discussion, they decide to go there.
BERNINBUSH: Tara, Katherine and Mani decide on the name PATROL for the new patrol, sign the Member Covenant, and begin making plans.
Masked Rider: Ditto-Bot accidentally discovers a little bunny, who was apparently hurt by a human that was in the woods. Ditto-Bot decides to go after the person.
Conquistador: Janet and Doulden visit the library of the town they're staying at.
Conquistador: See above
Aravanna: In which nothing really happens but we learn that Erica and Val are at odds.
(Author's note: There is a reference to the Ditto Valentine Ball in this post. The timing is off and I don't care. Constructive Critizism is more then welcome for this and all my subsequent posts.)
Aravanna: In which we find out what Val and Erica have been up to over the summer. Erica has gotten a job and they have visited her brother in California and learned a little bit about fighting.
Aslans_Mane: Rachel has a small argument with Greedo, and we discover more details about Rachel's Grandfather.
JillPole: Aria has been pretending it's "business as usual" since she discovered she would lose her elvenhood, but she and Thundershadow know it's not true. During this time, they discovered Molla Bek aboard, arrested him, and left him on a habitable-but-uninhabited world.
Conquistador: Janet and Doulden finish their reading and go back to the hotel.
stardf29: While working at the Welcome Center, Nerrha meets two new townsfolk: a cheerful little girl named Hannah and a mysterious teenage girl named Amelia.
Conquistador: Janet and Doulden enjoy some time together at the zoo.
Ryadian: Rose/Brianna notices that Vanessa is being moody, so they get into a conversation about everything that happened to Vanessa, including her brief capture. Vanessa goes into a fit of rage, but afterwards she says she didn’t know why she got so angry. (Author’s note: (I don’t know what date the current story is at, so I’ll leave this up to your imagination as to when it’s happening. Also, the next post will be the second half of this one; it was too big for one post.)

Page 3:
Ryadian: See above
shastastwin: A brief recap of my character's adventures in the previous story.
stargazer: In which our gargoyles take a romantic moonlit walk leuthilalda: Sea Lily goes to the Cup and Platter, and meets Silver as she comes back into town.
lysander: (Note: this post takes place before Shawna's Methos post.) Alec has continued living in the abandoned Vampire Compound along with Methos, who he wishes would show him fatherly affection but remains aloof
shastastwin: Chase is sent to a place called the Mist by the computer. He reaches out to the phantoms of several other Dittopians, and recieves scars from an unseen enemy in return. The enemy reveals himself at last to be a Gorgon, but is chased away by the Lion. Chase is told once more to find Greya and is sent back to Ditto Town.
shastastwin: Chase meets Greya and finds he has traveled several weeks forward into the future. Greya has Torla heal Chase's newest wound, but there is still some poison left in it. Then the Elf takes Chase to talk with Isaac, Nerrha, and Rana.
GreenLady76: In which we discover that Marion has told Lark the true story of her family. Lark now knows that she is a princess... or would have been if they knew for certain that her kingdom still existed. Lark and Marion wonder if any other fairies from the kingdom survived.
starkat: Katherine has a nightmare
Conquistador: Janet and Doulden leave the hotel and go to Ditto Town. On their way to the Cup & Platter, they discuss life. When they arrive, they ask for Yves, and a voice says behind them, "Over here."
leuthilalda: Toby worries about not not having an opportunity to fight evil, and discusses it with Will and Rose
Shawna: Methos arrives at the bunkhouse and talks to Tara. He joins the PATROL, on the condition that he can live in the bunkhouse.
stardf29: Silver finds Zink, who turns out to be a salamander, in the pocket of her coat. After that, she finds the Welcome Center and begins inquiring about the town, but is interrupted when a stable boy tells her that her horse is causing problems. She leaves to correct the issue.
shastastwin: Ambrose dreams of an encounter with ST(me), and then contemplates his situation. leuthilalda: Sea-Lily, Will, and Bob meet Haedulin, the elf, who explains about the leuthilalda that Will has been living under. He also plants one at the rescue center.
stargazer: Abby admires the newborn hobbits

Page 4:
lysander: To Alec's chagrin, Methos announces that he is leaving to live in town and doesn't ask the younger vampire to come along.
Ryadian: Hasaré has a discussion with one of her "minions", she indicates that she is not planning to invade Ditto Town, or even destroy it. After her discussion, she sends one of her fighters, Evelyn, into town to see if she can bring back any important news. On the way, Evelyn has a slight and unexplainable memory lapse.
Ryadian: See above
Earel Alquawen: (Author’s Note: (This should have happened after my last post and before Kat's next one. The second part is still in the making and should be arriving soon, I hope.)) Conner sends Retz, a messenger hamster, to find MM.
Frodo Lion: Furry One decides he will begin to publicly get to know people in Ditto Town General
Oreius: Professor Hudson Appleby and Orin Kelva arrive in Ditto Town and are opening a new store. Orin is waiting for someone to show up.
Prince Corin: Spark digs a pit, gets caught in an experiment, goes through a bubble, wakes up in front of a sign.
Prince Corin: Spark recalls slavedrivers plotting to put a spy in the PATROL, the he travels to Harton. He eats, buys a horse, and rides to Ditto Town and meets Orin.
Cymru: Can you summarize this? Cause I can't. Not without giving more away. Let's just say it's "A Prologue to a Coming"
Cymru: Grace and Cymru arrive at the Fancier's lair. A boy named Owen greets them
Cymru: Marcus takes the news to Mrs. Penhallow and she offers him news of her own.
Aravanna: Erica sees a cat on her way to the Cup and Platter. She doesn’t know it but it’s the Ditto Kitty with Willow the Vampire.
starkat: Emily, Will, and Tel end up in a rather unique adventure. Emily is a bit bored and goes hunting for something to put on the front page. (Author's Note: I wrote this last semester for one of my classes. I turned it into a script and turned it in. I borrowed Emily and Will for a short adventure. I left out a time so this could take place anytime. So with leuth and coraline's permission... here it is!)
starkat: Part 2 of the adventure and the animals just get in deeper and deeper over their heads
Earel Alquawen: (Author's note: This is part 2 of 2, part 1 being on page 4) Manipulator of the Mundane meets Katherine's brother, Ryder Knight and thing don't get off to a very good start.
starkat: Emily and Tel get Will out of the way of the wolves and the whole story about why they don't like each other spills out.

Page 5:
shastastwin: Chase and Greya meet up with the Star Defenders and Rana. Chase tells his story and Rana offers to help him and Greya.
Narnian_silver: Silver goes to the stables and sees her mare and meets bob the pony
lysander: Doulden asks Yves about the Organization, and in return he very emotionally relates his own personal experiences with the Org then refers to the PATROL members as perhaps having more information. Isolating himself, he lets his grief flow.
Narnian_silver: shrina feels herself weakening, but gets her message through to one with a reciving mind before she dies
starkat: The hunt wraps up and the paper goes to press
PollyPlumber: Maieslub reaches Ditto Town. She decides she'll stay a couple of days at the Inn Between, just to see how town and its routine are. She'll stop wandering to see if she can find something about her family.
Cymru: The morning after Cymru Llewellyn's disappearance, her father, Iaffn is searching for clues on old pub security footage. Spotting something, he, his wife, Angharad, and the pub's bartender, Hugh, set off for the Emporium.
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha sign up for the PATROL's night shift. Isaac realizes, though, that he will eventually need to go back to his home universe, and that he will face the daunting question of exactly when the time comes that he will have to leave Ditto Town... or whether he should leave the Town at all.
stargazer: Despite the Organization’s recent setbacks, Elana continues work on some of its projects – including gaining power over the gargoyles by making them human
Cymru: Will reads Cymru's unmailed letter and contemplates their relationship as well as a higher one from a new point of view.
stargazer: On a summer’s day, Abby takes a walk and meets a newcomer
Narnian_silver: Silver discusses the Patrol with Bob; mainly, who would be best to talk to about joining it. Bob recommends the Manipulator of the Mundane. Later, Silver wakes up in the Inn Between after a disturbing dream which she can't quite shake off. The next morning, she discovers that her friend, Zink, has left via an open window in the night.
Cymru: Lianna Gibson and Will {Giles} are reunited under less than favorable circumstances. Will tells Lianna and Katherine about Cymru and asks for help. Cymru: Cymru wakes to find herself captive in a strange place.
Cymru: See above (Lianna and Will)
starkat: Katherine gets mad at Ryder and drags him off to yell at him