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Ditto Story 6 Summaries (Pages 31-35)

Page 31:
stargazer: Two unexpected visitors get into the Emporium
GreenLady76: Lark goes to the Inn Between to gather her things and joke with Boo-Kay.
GreenLady76: Lark and Darien meet once again. Lark explains her behavior and asks him once more to leave before the man from the Organization can find them.
BERNINBUSH: Team Fire realizes that something bad has happened to Katherine, and they agree that Tara will go in to rescue her with "Plan G."
stardf29: The diversionary team pulls off a successful attack on a side of the compound, cracking a wall to allow Kar inside. However, a surprise explosion knocks Isaac and Nerrha out, and two mysterious people enter the smoke; when everything clears up, Isaac and Nerrha are nowhere to be seen.
BERNINBUSH: Tara tries to make a deal with the Org where she hands over the pink globe in exchange for Katherine and Angela. But the Org finds the globe on their own.
shastastwin: Kar enters the compound and seeks the one who is responsible for his family's death. He frees a gargoyle on the way. He encounters John, who reveals that Kar's neice died and his nephew is alive...and someone Kar has met recently. John is killed.
starkat: Tara cuts off the rays, making Katherine able to teleport out of the room
stargazer: Erik and Lianna (as an eagle) rescue Tara and Katherine from the Organization compound
starkat: Erik and Lianna return to their hiding spot. Lianna gives Katherine something to counteract the drugs in her system
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha find themselves unable to use their Star Defender powers and trapped in a room with their captors. The captors’ plans were to extract the Star Defenders’ powers for their own use. They reveal themselves as Isaac’s parents, or rather, holograms of his parents, according to their boss. The boss then reveals himself as Isaac’s brother, Brandon.
shastastwin: Chase meets Amb, the half-gargoyle that was freed by Kar. Amb speaks of the Org seeking Chase, but Kar relieves Chase's fears by saying John can no longer reach either of them.
stargazer: Varna enjoys her first breakfast in the Cup & Platter
BERNINBUSH: Elana orders that Angela be killed and sets another trap for the Gibsons.
stardf29: Brandon tells Isaac his story, then shows what happened to Isaac’s real parents: They had been turned into monsters like the type that had killed Rana’s parents (and in fact, Isaac’s dad was that monster). Isaac’s mom (in monster form) knocks Isaac and Nerrha out of commission.
stargazer: The intruders fail to get into the rookery and hide nearby

Page 32:
stardf29: Jean and Claude manage to take Isaac and Nerrha out of the compound away from Brandon. The event makes Isaac and Nerrha able to sense the ghosts’ presence, however. Julius, who is with them, takes off the rings binding their abilities, and Isaac and Nerrha head back to the others.
shastastwin: Chase remembers his final day at the school. Dahg the assassin is hired to kill Christie. Christie seals away the etching of Chase's future.
stargazer: Abby and her friends finish breakfast at the Cup & Platter
leuthilalda: Bob and Annaka get into the compound, when Isacc attacks, and get ready for their diversion. Bob is worried, but a voice in his head tells him that the battle is the Lord's
BERNINBUSH: Lianna, Olivia, and Tara go back into the compound with a man claiming to be Alliance Agent M to try again to rescue Angela. Lianna is disguised as Elana, including biometrics. Olivia is freezing time so they can get through the building. After they leave, Ryder suspects Agent M may actually work for the Org.
lysander: Grace and Bronwyn discuss Cymru—how they feel she is stealing happiness from them and how they might get it back.
Violet Vale: Chava learns about Bob the platypus from Varna. All three decide to go to the Emporium. On their way there Abby and Chava learn that Varna is from another world.
stargazer: The intruders in the Emporium are revealed to actually be very special surprise guests
lysander: Cymru and Rose warm to each other even as Grace and Bronwyn toast their sneaky scheme.
Shawna: Jona gives the vamp a message from the VF: they’re all free to leave.
Earel Alquawen: The SHORT Patrol (and some of the other evil hamsters) wreak some havoc on the Organization's men inside the compound.
shastastwin: Rose, Will, and Torla go to TOrla's apartment that is attached to the house. There they find an older Torla and an older Olivia. Torla's older self says to protect the child she and Greya will have. Once the pair from the future have left, Torla explains her past, and what her future self has done.
shastastwin: Dawn and Xander prepare to leave the compound separate from the other vamps. But first Dawn retrieves an amethyst pendant she had hidden.
Earel Alquawen: Manipulator of the Mundane and the *Word* Team finally capture the last of the soldiers outside the building while the SHORT Patrol attempts to rescue Reechab and Baanah.
Shawna: The vampires leave the compound. Frodo and Samwise head for town, while the others head for other places. Methos stays behind.
BERNINBUSH: Tara, Lianna, Olivia, and Agent M go into the compound to rescue Angela, but Olivia's time-travelling medallion fails at a critical moment.

Page 33:
Earel Alquawen: Rocks, Frinio, Kitty, and MM hear a gunshot, and arrive in time to see that one of the hamsters has fallen, and Schoops has stabbed.
BERNINBUSH: Lianna takes care of Angela's would-be executioners, but Angela reveals that Agent M is actually Marsh, Elana's assistant in the Org.
stargazer: Ryder and Erik discuss their relationships with Katherine while waiting for the others to return from the Organization compound
BERNINBUSH: Annaka and Bob start their diversion, and the horses panic.
Aslans_Mane: Fredrick confronts Rachel and tells her she is being rash rushing to help a town she hardly knows. Rachel considers what her granfather would do, and turns to leave when something attacks Fredrick.
BERNINBUSH: The Gibsons and Breckers decide they can trust Marsh/Agent M when he tells them he's a double agent working for the Alliance. Lianna uses her shapeshifting abilities to help them reach the Org's mainframe.
Earel Alquawen: It is revealed that Chips is the fallen member of the SHORT Patrol. Rocks and Frinio have to restrain MM from finishing what Schoops started, and they press the Organization man for answers about the fountain. He says they know where it is and he sent the information to the "real" Headquarters. He also tells them that "they will come", but during this threat, he is cut off.
Cymru: A bleak midwinter's night brings a mysterious visitor to the pub and sparks a memory
cepault: This occurs after Erik's current adventure in the rescue mission.
Ryadian: Ditto Hunter, Galacia, Anna, and Diana begin the search for Phoenix Archer. Diana and Anna show Ditto Hunter where Phoenix Archer was when she was last seen. Ditto Hunter looks around and finds the trapdoor. He deactivates the anti-phoenix spells, and everyone climbs down the tunnel. Ditto Hunter begins to suspect that the kidnapping was planned. Anna and Diana have intense reactions to that, but won’t talk about it.
Ryadian: Ryana and HasarĂ© talk, but this time, HasarĂ© makes it clear that she’s going to use a last resort (of some kind) if Ryana doesn’t start giving her results. HasarĂ© says that to someone with Ryana’s mentality, it’s a fate worse than death, but Ryana thinks she’s bluffing. Ryana refuses, and is injected with something, and looses consciousness.
lysander: Cymru confronts Yves about his avoidance of her, and he confesses his "feelings" for her. When she makes it evident that she must refuse him, especially as Giles may still be alive, he reveals his secret fear of marrying a stranger.
lysander: Rose witnesses Grace and Bronwyn continuing their plotting and warns Yves. She also informs him of her own plan to start up a business selling dresses; as a test, she will make one as a gift for Cymru. He gives her the money and starts to escort her to dinner, his mind still plagued by his unresolved argument with Cymru.
Earel Alquawen: The Organization man stopped because he died. With him dead and their mission all-but accomplished, the mourning MM tells her hamsters that they're going tend to the wounded and to prepare for when the Organization returns.
Cymru: Iaffn and Will discuss their plan being set in motion and also the possible cause of Cymru's night episodes. Angharad tried to pry information from Cymru about the man she saw in her dream.
BERNINBUSH: Team Fire plants a virus that shuts down the Org's computer security and utilities.

Page 34:
Aravanna: In which Erica is a normal girl until she mysteriously receives a fairy dragon from her brother. She appears to be running for her life through a blizzard from someone called Fredrick.
JillPole: Aria is rescued by Molla Bek, an alien who believes himself to be in love with her, from a firing squad on an alien planet (she inadvertantly offended the aliens). Molla kisses her with his tongue, which she believes to be a custom on his world. After she is picked up by her crew, he ominously states, "You think you've lost me, Dittopian"....
BERNINBUSH: Team Fire and Angela escape the Org compound in the midst of a stampede engineered by Bob the Pony. Marsh the double agent stays behind to continue spying on the Org. The Org compound is thrown into complete chaos by the virus.
leuthilalda: Annaka joins the stampede, and then attacks Elana
Mitana: Mitana reflects on the beginnings of her adventure, where she meets Swiftwing, her gryphon companion.
leuthilalda: Annaka is chased by org soldiers, and disappears into a mist, coming out in a different woods. She sees a large animal she would instinctively run from, but decides to approach it instead
Aravanna: In which Valyantasha returns to Erica and both of them find themselves face to face with Fredrick. Fredrick almost casts a spell on Erica when she finds herself in a crowded room.
Aslans_Mane: Rachel speaks to the creature who attacked Fredrick and finds out he is a vampire named Greedo. She offers Greedo to stay with her, when a herd of horses race into the woods.
stargazer: Erik, Ryder, and Katherine begin their return to Ditto Town but are slowed by her injuries; they spend a night in the woods hoping to arrive in town the next day. In the meantime, Erik observes chaos in the Org compound and later meets Gorse, the flying squirrel.
Mitana: Mitana finds her way to Ditto Town via a magical Gate and some good old-fashioned wing-power.
Aravanna: In which Erica leaves the pub and discovers the Ditto Fountain, Abraham Lincoln and Bob Saget and we discover a little more back-story.
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha reunite with Chase, Rana, Kar, and Ambrose. Kar reveals that the Headmaster of Chase's school, who tried to achieve immortality by having multiple lives, had died his last death, and gives Chase a small palm computer with the Headmaster's works. Isaac gets a call to pick everyone up in his spaceship.
leuthilalda: The fire team gets back to the spaceship. Bob is concerned about what happened to Annaka
Mitana: Mitana and Erica (and their two winged companions) meet and compare stories. Mitana makes Erica an offer to have her join them.
Varnafinde: Varna and Chava are introduced to the gargoyles' egg, and have a first look at the stardome.
leuthilalda: The teams on Isaac's space ship arrive back at the town, and make plans with the rescue team to take care of Ambrose and to assist Reese into Narnia. Bob is still worried about Annaka

Page 35:
Aslans_Mane: Rachel and Greedo wait until the stampede has cleared, then Rachel calls her horse in order that they can ride back to town. Meanwhile, Fredrick is shot at with a silenced gun, but rather than injuring him, it plants an electronic device on he doesn't notice.
leuthilalda: Toby and Bob talk on the way to the site of the ditto rescue house. They find that it has been completely built for them.
leuthilalda: Toby learns about the kidnap attempt, and Greya
Violet Vale: Varna and Chava get a tour of the Emporium. They decide to get a room in the inn, but Chava encounters a stranger in the hallway
leuthilalda: Toby and Rose discuss security tactics, then go to look at Greya. Will and Bob get better acquainted, Bob tells the story of the stampede, and they pray and go to their dwellings
shastastwin: Elana recovers from her attack and recieves news that the Program has survived. She also learns that John is dead and sends two underlings out to find Ambrose.
Cymru: Angharad tells Iaffn her suspicions about Cymru’s dreams and sleepwalking.
Cymru: Cymru "frees" Hugh
Cymru: Hugh has a heart to heart talk with Bronwyn about her sister and her love for Will Davies
BERNINBUSH: Katherine and her rescuers hang out together, recovering, in the Ditto Town Stables. Tara reveals that she has kept the pink globe safe, after all. Tara and Angela discuss plans to go “on vacation” by going home and allowing Olivia to take them back a week in time.
leuthilalda: Bob has to make a decision to look for Annaka in Dittopia, or do what he believes is the right thing and go with Reese. He decides to go with Reese
JillPole: Aria's perfect world begins to tremble...
Cymru: Marcus learns who Will really is. Convinced that she also knows, Cymru puts Will to the test. Just as she is sure of his identity, she receives a letter from Giles.
Cymru: Cymru responds to receiving a letter from Giles
stargazer: Erik returns home after the successful rescue of Angela Brecker and meets Chava and Varna
GreenLady76: Marion realizes that Darien may care more for Lark than even he knows.