Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ditto Story 7 Summaries (Pages 26-30)

Page 26:
starkat: Pt 2
starkat: Pt 3
Dhattar: A red-haired boy finds himself in a strange tube, suspended in a strange liquid...and he's lost all his memories. The boy sees another boy in a nearby tube; this boy has dark hair, and there is a name associated with him: Tommy.
Dhattar: The other boy awakens, but he seems less disoriented as the red-haired boy. The red-haired by tries to figure out why anything seems strange---and what's going on.
leuthilalda: Greya discusses the prophecies he and Christie made with their drawings with Rose. Rose remembers a picture she saw in one of her dreams and decides to show it to Greya.
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha continue their reconciliation, and afterwards, they decide to go after Brandon together...tomorrow.
shastastwin: Greya and Rose examine the pictures. A loud noise is heard. Christie watches the screens.
starkat: Ryder tries to cope with the uncertainty of his sister's future, and Lianna joins him. In each other's company, they find some solace...but not enough.
JillPole: Aria calls in some of the men from her camp to help them clean up the last few details, as the members of the recent battle are too exhausted in all ways. Later, she ponders Ditto Rider's instructions to "find a new Ditto Rider". Meanwhile, an assassin reports the news to "Three" that "the mess has been tidied".
starkat: The Gibsons arrive back at the Mansion, and they share some tears together. Soon after, Olivia tells Lianna that she's leaving sometime in the near future; Verena's powers have begun to develop, and she needs to find a place (or rather, time) to let Verena develop them properly. She offers to bring Lianna with, but Lianna feels that her duty remains in Ditto Town, with Ryder.
stargazer: During Erik and Abby’s first watch, they think and discuss the loss of Katherine and Gwanuig.
Ryadian: Vanessa is at home, trying to relax, when she and Rose begin talking about Mariana. However, while Rose is talking, Vanessa suddenly blanks out if she's not in her mind, but someone else is.
Ryadian: Ryana suddenly finds herself in a strange, intangible place that seems to be made of emotions. Suddenly, a girl who looks a lot like Mariana (only younger) appears, calling herself Evelyn. Although Ryana realizes there is probably a link between her and Mariana, she is distracted by Evelyn mentioning that she works for Hasare. They both find themselves unable to control everything they say, and Evelyn displays her ability to force answers out of Ryana, though Ryana learns to resist. Suddenly, their contact breaks off.
JillPole: Oceana and Eruheran finally get around to talking. But nothing seems to go as planned for these two.
Ryadian: Evelyn "wakes up" from her experience and finds out that, during it, she had attacked Tasha and tried to run away. Tasha seems ignorant, but something (including a contradiction or two) hints that she knows more than she lets on. They talk to Hasare, who tells Evelyn that she believes she's formed a bond with someone...Phoenix Archer. Evelyn and Hasare both seem concerned by the possibility of Evelyn trying to escape again next time their bond comes into play, but Hasare seems to have something else in mind as well....

Page 27:
Ryadian: Hasare arrives to give Kevin Davis more instructions about Evelyn's training, and she tells him to start teaching interregation techniques. Knowing that these are difficult and almost dangerous techniques, he all-but defies Hasare...until she reminds him that Evelyn's safety depends on his obedient behavior. Though he does what Hasare tells him to do, he's not happy about it...and makes it clear he'll get out as soon as he can.
Ryadian: A few days after her last encounter, Ryana meets Evelyn again. This time, Evelyn seems prepared, and actually knows more about how to force Ryana to tell her things she doesn't want to admit. Evelyn also knows about the crystals...which is the subject of her interrogation. After forcing Ryana to admit that the President has the two unnaccounted-for crystals, Evelyn asks her how the bond was formed.
Ryadian: Ryana makes it clear that she has no idea of where the bond came from, and even accuses Hasare of being the source. Evelyn insists otherwise, which leads Ryana to asking her why she's so loyal. Once more, something forces Evelyn to blurt out that she's been with Hasare her whole life, which confuses Ryana, who knows that Hasare is far too young to have cared for Evelyn her whole life. This only seems to anger Evelyn, but thankfully for both of them, the contact breaks off soon after. When she wakes up, she finds out from Diana that while she was "away", she had been crying and demanding to see Mariana. Ryana is confused...both by that, and by the fact that she, for some reason, feels something she can only describe as Evelyn's emotions. She decides to pay Mariana a visit.
Ryadian: Evelyn wakes up from the experience and ponders three things: why Mr. Davis "skipped ahead" in her training, what Ryana meant by Hasare being too young to have raised her for her whole life (which she realizes is very likely to be true), and whether or not she should admit the full truth to Hasare. On the last of the three, she decides to tell her everything...tomorrow.
Masked Rider: I don't want to telll....
I'm kidding. Ditto-Bot and Mini-Bot head back to town and, with the Mechanic's help, they analyze the substance, and find that there are two parts: a chemical and a bacteria, and they can't identify either of them. While they're running tests, Mini-Bot is foolish enough to use chlorine gas. He discovers his mistake when the substance explodes.
Ryadian: Vanessa goes to the Inn Between to talk to Mariana, and tells her about her mood swings...and about her contact with Evelyn, which makes Mariana so happy the disease actually is partially cured.
Ryadian: Vanessa does her best to tactfully tell Mariana the Evelyn is working for her enemy, and that they have formed some kind of bond. Mariana is upset by the whole thing and quite insistent that Vanessa's lack of Empathy makes it impossible for her to have bonded with Evelyn, and Vanessa decides to drop it. After Vanessa leaves, Mariana ponders the whole situation, and decides that it might not be quite as impossible as she assumed...and that it could lead to her finding Evelyn again.
Masked Rider: They have a long conversation about the explosion...which, they discover, wasn't so much an explosion as a beam. They decide to send a sample to the Ditto Town Labs for analysis.
Ryadian: Evelyn tells Hasare about everything that happened, and Hasare decides it's time to sever the bond...but there's a snag. Ryana has to be there to do it, and she has to want to. Hasare tells her to go into town and meet up with Vanessa. Soon after, as Vanessa is headed to the Cup & Platter, she runs into Evelyn...and discovers that Evelyn knows exactly who she is.
Ryadian: Evelyn delivers a message from Hasare to Vanessa, telling her that she wants to sever the bond that more, no less. Vanessa "feels" Evelyn's emotions well enough to realize that she believes they really are calling a truce for now. Vanessa reluctantly consents, and Evelyn gives her a map and strict instructions to come alone. That night, she tells the teens about it, and they all---Tara, the most adamantly---try to convince her not to go. Vanessa is so determined to get rid of it, however, that she ignores their advice---and their threats to tell the PATROL and the authorities---and goes anyways. The phoenixes decide to fulfill their promise.
shastastwin: Greya and the rest arrive at the front door of the Rescue Center to find Ambrose awakened. The half-gargoyle visits with Dawn and the two of them leave to retrieve his amulet.
shastastwin: Ambrose and Dawn retrieve his amulet from the abandoned Org compound. They discover the two minions sent by Elana and send them on their merry way.
shastastwin (posted for Dhattar): The red-haired boy realizes that the information he seeks isn't missing from his mind---it's just in places he can't seem to access. As he ponders this, he realizes that the glass is thinning---the liquid seems to be eroding it.
shastastwin: Carl fixes the PDA and learns more of the plans of the Org.
shastastwin: Ambrose talks to Chase about his father. CHase is whisked away in the Mist, yet again.
JillPole: Oceana and Eruheran finally get back together.

Page 28:
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha have some fun infiltrating Brandon's headquarters. Isaac finds the room where Brandon is, while Nerrha finds something interesting in the "Portal Room", when she encounters the monster with Isaac's mom.
Aravanna: As Lucid is with a now-recovering Champion, he remembers something from his past life: "Trust only yourself, and animals if you must. They’re the only beings in this universe who won’t betray you." He finds himself concerned about what kind of man he was before his loss of memory.
Aravanna: Kyre and Erica leave the Baxter's house when it starts getting late. On the way, Kyre realizes it's not normal to understand what Val says. They both ponder this.
stardf29: Nerrha finds Brandon's journals, which talk quite a bit about "Portal dust"; essentially, pieces of space that, when gathered together, can create portals between universes.
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha defeat Brandon in battle. Brandon decides to hurt himself on Nerrha's poisoned sword.
stardf29: Brandon and Isaac discuss Brandon's fate, and while Isaac has forgiven him, Brandon isn't convinced...nor is he convinced that God could forgive him, either. He wants to be left alone, so Isaac talks to Nerrha about Portal dust. After this, they come back and finds that Brandon has died.
stardf29: Isaac goes back to his home universe and restores his parents. He and Nerrha create a stable portal through which their fellow Star Defenders can travel back and forth between the two universes as they wish.
Masked Rider: They get little new information from the Ditto Town Labs, so Ditto-Bot decides to investigate the compound again. He's surprised to discover that they seem ahead of schedule, and goes inside to investigate. He finds the main office and finds a computer inside. He turns it on to look for information.
shastastwin: Chase is taken by the Mist to Ditto Hunter and Galacia, and the three agree to work together to stop the Headmistress.
Aravanna: Mort is in the Cup & Platter...and thoroughly drunk. After asking about Thames and his horse with six legs, he leaves.
Sonny: Eliana and Loren decide to invite Abby and Erik over for dinner later that week.
Aiony: A little more from the red-haired boy in the glass case.
leuthilalda: Rose has a dream about a man warning them that more adventures are to come.
shastastwin: On the way back, Chase encounters Lucid and realize he has a Shadow Warrior copy, too. He convinces Lucid to go with him to the Rescue Center. When they arrive, Chase finds Ambrose, Greya, Christie, the Salesman, a vampire, and Tommy...his friend who he had thought was dead. They tell him they need to explain something to him.
JillPole: Personal plot-wise, this should be the last Aria DeLaverock segment of this story. We finally find out what her genetic makeup is, and another problem looks like it's on its way to a solution.
starkat: Lianna helps Ryder out of the depression he fell into about Katherine. Lianna jokes that Katherine and Gwanuig would come back married, and Ryder replies, “They’d better. Gwanuig asked my permission the night we were attacked.” Lianna has a good laugh.

Page 29:
stargazer: Erik has a strange dream in which he and Abby are twin human children. After waking up, they reflect on life...and their twenty-first "wedding" (gargoyles have a different name for it) anniversary. Abby receives the invitation from Loren and Eliana, and the gargoyle couple eagerly accepts.
starkat: Emily looks through her notes, trying to find a good front-page article. The rest of the segment becomes a summary for the various plot lines in Ditto Town at the moment.
Ryadian: The phoenixes go in search of help, but at their first stop, they find that the Sherriff is out. Just as they’re about to go to the PATROL bunker, they run into a strange man named Adrian. He points them in the right direction, but when he offers to go with them, he realizes there’s more to this than he sees. Finally, they admit (in part) what’s really going on, but without using names or details.
Edmund_is_King: Seth wanders around town, pondering his life...and reliving unwanted memories. As he does, he walks by the Inn and notices firelight...and the comforting sound of voices.
shastastwin: The Salesman reveals the history of the Shadow Warriors, and the secret to their defeat. It is revealed that Tommy has a clone. Ditto Hunter expresses a wish to kill the Headmistress, and Lucid feels ill because of the thought of his having a Shadow Warrior.
Aiony: Number 6 gives a report on the situation, which doesn't bode well for the Nine. He informs them he's going to take care of it himself, much to their chagrin.
shastastwin: Number 6 takes Malrais, the Midnight Sword (which seems to have some connection to Talarais), and goes after Chase himself.
shastastwin: Chase prepares to leave the Rescue Center. Toby and Lucid say their goodbyes to their loved ones.
stardf29: Number 7 plans to use Hannah and Amelia for their powerful emotions, so as to find a way into alternate universes that differ based on the differing decisions of beings*. With Brandon down, the group that know about this particular project proceed to try to re-capture Hannah and Amelia.
stargazer: Erik and Abby go to the DeHond's house (Loren and Eliana), and they begin their long, enjoyable night.
Sonny: The evening continues. Erik offers to take the DeHonds through the portal to Earth sometime, but they later realize that they're not sure what it would do to the baby. They decide to wait until after it's born, though they're all excited at the prospect.
starkat: Olivia ponders her life concerning her powers...and, more importantly, Verena's.
shastastwin: Chase takes the reformed Group to the School, and they disperse to their various goals.
JillPole: Eruheran and Oceana travel to the Elven kingdom together. The subject of why Oceana avoids singing comes up. She explains that long ago, mermen made a great sacrifice in order to protect the women; they gave up their ability to sing, and in return, the women became sirens.
leuthilalda: Rose hears voices in the night, planning to move into the neighborhood
stargazer: Erik wakes up back on Earth, in the care of Dr. Sato (the world's foremost expert on gargoyle medicine). Alexander Xanatos explains that he'd put a transponder in Erik before he left for Angora, and was able to find and rescue him. Erik's mission was, more or less, a success, though the group behind it is still a mystery.

Page 30:
shastastwin: Chase and Toby make their way to the center of the School's evil, and as they arrive, the others join them and the entire Group is confronted by the enemy.
starkat: Ryder is tired and frustrated with his current situation, and feels like his life is without purpose. He almost considers leaving Ditto Town entirely, but then he remembers his meeting with Aria. He realizes that she could probably use his skills, and decides to ask her for a job.
Aravanna: At the school, Lucid is helped in his search for his Shadow Warrior by a boy, who recognizes him as allied with Chase. Eventually, he finds him, but his Shadow Warrior, who keeps calling him "Thames", gets the upper hand. Finally, Lucid silently calls out to "the Lion" for help, and fights his Shadow Warrior. He eventually wins, though he notes that it was almost like there was someone else in the fight, on his side....
JillPole: Oceana and Eruheran continue their journey, and meet up with some very old friends of ours.
shastastwin: Greya seeks the Shadow Warrior of the girl who warned him about the Shadow Warriors on his last visit to the School. He finds and saves Lucid and the boy who led Lucid to his Shadow Warrior.
Ryadian: Ditto Hunter and Galacia track down their copies and devise a plan. The first part of it is to hide above their enemies (who have few to no ranged weapons) and assail them with noxious smoke bombs. All of the Shadow Warrior's allies fall, and DH and Galacia prepare to initiate the next part of their plan.
Dhattar: The red-haired boy explores the Mist.
Ryadian: Adrian offers to help the girls, much to their surprise. However, as they begin planning, they’re interrupted when Adrian notices someone in a bush behind him. It turns out to be Seth, who is embarrassed and nervous after being caught. Despite this, when he learns of the situation, he offers his help. They decide to head for the woods---and Phoenix Archer’s most likely location.
starkat: Lianna is bored out of her mind and takes to cleaning her and her sister's apartments. She finds an invitation to the opening of the bookstore. When Olivia gets home, the two decide to go and discuss plans.
JillPole: The travellers reach the elf-king, whose reaction to the news they bring is unexpected.
Ryadian: Sage and Galacia trick their opponents about where they’re located, but by the time the Shadow Warriors figure it out, they enter the room, using all the advantages they have. Eventually, Shadow-Galacia ends up an icicle, and Sage takes care of his copy with explosives.
Ryadian: Val wakes Erica up, trying to tell her something. At first, all she does is annoy Erica---but eventually, she shows the girl the group (the phoenixes, Adrian, and Seth) near the Inn Between. Erica decides to go meet them, and despite the awkward introduction, she learns that they need help and reluctantly offers her services. (“Reluctantly” since she’s not sure she’ll be brave enough to stick around when the fighting starts.)
shastastwin: The Group faces the Shadow Warriors, Losf and Number 6. The Weapon disappears with several people on it.
shastastwin: Chase faces Aro and Number 6, and meets the strange red-haired boy. The story of the Three Swords is told. Reunions and partings occur.
JillPole: Oceana and Eruheran spend time at the palace, and then come home.
Varnafinde: In the last days before the bookstore opens, Varna makes final arrangements and preparations. Finally, the store opens.