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Ditto Story 6 Summaries (Pages 6-10)

Page 6:
Earel Alquawen: MM finally "meets" Julius and is a little surprised. Still not trusting him, she tells him he can stay only on trial basis. MM hints that the trial is soon to come, but not what it will be
Prince Corin: Rodo and Soras find that they are in a cave with a red dragon. While they are trying to sneak around, they find a monkey archer who is barely alive. They bring him back to town, and they go to the apothecary to see if Giles can care for him.
BERNINBUSH: Tara is standing behind the Pub when a large bird lands at her feet.
coraline: Lianna secures her prisoner, and Olivia travels down Memory Lane.
BERNINBUSH: Tara receives Kat's note mentioning a mishap on the road. She wonders if this is what she saw earlier (Kat falling off her horse), which would mean the visions from the globe are real. She decides to write Kat a note and send it back with the falcon to ask her. However, then she sees Lara, an old friend from the Organization.
coraline: Olivia and Lianna encounter Olivia's future.
lysander: Grace Dwyer, the "Dark Fancier's Lady" leads Yves into a newly-built cottage in the evil vampire camp. Now, he learns that being his lady is half a matter of true being, and half of wishing, and he begins to see her humanity, if not her kindness. She also introduces him to her sister Rose, who tells him there story. Both were failed Organization experiments, and because of the failure Grace cannot hear out of her left ear nor can Rose walk. Because of her skill as a tactician, however, Grace has come under the DF's wing. After their conversation is over, Yves is locked up.
BERNINBUSH: Lara, Tara’s former co-worker, tries to persuade her to re-join the Organization. Tara is tempted to do so in order to earn money to support her family.
coraline: Olivia's future gives them some good advice and a warning about peanuts. Lance is a general slimebag, and Lianna exercises her fist once again.
BERNINBUSH: Lara persuades Tara to re-join the Organization. She asks Tara to reveal the location of the pink globe.
wyntre_rose: Oceana, Collhyn and Ekko find the perfect place to rest for a while. The two Enigmata have some alone time, and Oceana is trapped. Eruheran accidentally discovers a disturbing secret about mermaids.
Ryadian: Brianna is flying around when she runs into J'aec once more. She manages to catch his attention.
Cymru: Giles discovers that the bullet in Cymru's heart has been bothering her. In their conversation, Cymru talks of Yves departure, her love for him, and their bond. Giles jealousy towards an unsuspecting Yves flames into hatred and he leaves suddenly.
Sir Vincent: The 10-year-old boy who mysteriously appeared in the middle of town decides to postpone his quest to find the Star Woman in favor of finding something to eat in the surrounding forest.
Prince Corin: The monkey finally wakes up, and after trying to escape, gets calmed down by Giles offering him food. Soon he is ready to tell Rodo and Giles his story.
starkat: Katherine receives a very foreboding feeling, which is physically chilling, and is aware of a strange prescence. Meanwhile, Ryder receives a similar feeling, and he feels as if someone knows where he is.

Page 7:
leuthilalda: Sea-Lily wanders away, and meets a new friend.
Prince Corin: Cookie tells Giles and Rodo most of his life story.
Daughter of Eve: Lyon takes Lithoniel to his nest.
Sir Vincent: While searching for berries a boy is frustrated that he knows a lot of things but not who he is or where he is. While in the forest he finds a friend in a Periannath(Hobbit).
stargazer: Thundershadow explains how she returns to town; Erik comes to peace with the events of the night of his friend’s death, and Abby responds to Erik’s message, arriving at the Emporium to find her mate with Thundershadow.
leuthilalda: will the possum follows the narnian rescue team into dittopia, for his own purposes.
Prince Corin: Cookie the monkey tells how he and his friends were captured by evil beasts after their home was destroyed. Cookie, Rodo, and Soras set out to rescue the other monkeys.
leuthilalda: Sea-Lily gives a brief history of their family and mission, and indicates that they have just come to Dittopia. She suddenly realizes that she will be worrying her parents and they hurry back. Toby notices she is missing and goes to look for her. His initial anger at her going off is replaced by a realization that God has let her do it to rescue the boy.
stargazer: An astonished Abby arrives at the Emporium and is reunited with Thundershadow.
lysander: Marcus cheers up Cerberus, who is dejected after being left behind by Yves.
starkat: Ryder reminisces. Heads into town and helps Hugh out at the Pub
Daughter of Eve: Lithoniel first learns of Ditto Town.
Ryadian: Phoenix Archer and Ditto-Bot end up in the woods in their search for the cause of the power outage. There, they find a "village" of vampires, whom they assume are evil. Ditto-Bot goes back to town for help as Phoeinx Archer prepares to go into the camp to rescue a prisoner that she saw.
Ryadian: Phoenix Archer rescues Yves McCory from the evil vampires and takes him back to Ditto Town. On the way back, they agree not to tell anyone about the incident. (NOTE: Yves did not actually return to Ditto Town; he continued his journey into the woods.)
Sir Vincent: The lost boy who can't remember who he is learns all about the hobbit girl and her family. He also recieves a name.
Prince Corin: The three find the dragon’s cave, and have a short fight with the dragon. Then Rodo has a hunch…

Page 8:
JillPole: Aria recovers from her fall (she didn’t really faint) and greets Thundershadow and the new arrivals from Narnia. She sends Bob, Toby, Rose, and Sea-Lily to her camp to help them start their mission. Aria, Thundershadow, and the gargoyles tour the Astronomical Emporium. Then Thundershadow goes looking for someone.
BERNINBUSH: Tara realizes that the Organization is truly evil, and that she can’t give the globe to Lara. She feels deeply guilty for her own actions as an Org employee. She ends up crying herself to sleep.
lysander: Rose admires Yves, and Grace thinks Yves is in love with her. Yves, however, is thinking of Ellen and is travelling to the Paths Between the Worlds.
BERNINBUSH: Tara wakes in the middle of the night and realizes that Lara stole the note she had written to Kat about the globe. She decides to wait until the Gibsons return, then warn them.
Jints: More on pixie ways, and where Chica stays... and what does she look for to find?
Cymru: Cymru decides to go clear things up with Giles.
Cymru: Cymru finds Giles lost in jealous and hateful reverie. Giles is awed by his growing irritation for her. When Cymru arrives, Giles discovers that his imagination had led him down the wrong path. She asks an important question and Giles answers; they realize they love one another. He announces that he will be going on a journey and that Cymru will never see him again.
Prince Corin: The three get to the dragon’s cave, and kill a dragon there. Then they explore the passage. Soon they leave, and decide to go back to town.
stargazer: Thundershadow and Aria depart the Emporium on business of their own; Abby decides to check in on Lark; Erik turns to stone atop the building.
lysander: Rose, in the midst of making breakfast, realizes Grace isn't watching her and goes out to check on "Mr. McCory." Gollum, however, tells her that Yves has escaped and Rose goes to tell Grace, also saying that she didn't think Yves returned to DittoTown. Grace notes her newfound talkativeness, and condemns it as not courage but foolhardiness. She says it comes from Yves and that if the two ever got together she'd kill Rose, who says half-heartedly it doesn't matter because she'll never see him again.
BERNINBUSH: Tara remembers in a bad dream how her father was wounded and lost the family business. She wakes and realizes that the Organization will come after her for the globe. She decides to leave the Pub and live in the woods until she can warn the Gibsons.
lysander: Yves returns to his home world and sees a vision of Ellen’s face.
Daughter of Eve: Lithoniel first goes to Ditto Town, where she receives new clothes thanks to the generosity of a saleswoman.
lysander: Ellen tells Yves his journey was for a purpose other than finding her, and hints there will be another woman in his life.
Jints: Chica raises herself above the rest, but then makes a ground-shaking discovery. (Erik startles her by awaking from stone sleep.)

Page 9:
Jints: Chica makes a friend, and things start looking up. (Erik befriends her.)
stardf29: Isaac wakes up to Giles's return. Giles gives Isaac some money to buy some dinner at the local pub. After Isaac catches up on the news and gets his dinner at the Cup&Platter, he meets up with Tyler, who invites him to discuss Song and Tyler's wedding.
Marigold Gamgee: Marian Dibbie arrives in D****Town with talking cat Seymour and wooden goose Dickcissel in tow
lysander: Yves wakes up the next morning during a track practice. The coach, who is annoyed at finding him on the turf, makes him race the boys for 20 laps. Yves wins and is surprised. Then the coach is revealed to be Ellen's father. He is obviously mad at Yves for going off with his daughter and never returning, but spares him because of a dream he head the night before. Yves then decides what goals he should set for this stage in his life.
master oliver: J’aec and Brianna re-establish communication.
lysander: Yves is found once again at the vampire camp, and Grace has plans to finish him off. He, however, has come to set them free, and is able to overpower her. She then consents to come with him to Ditto Town, because she knows Rose will, and doesn't want to leave her with a stranger. Rose's wheelchair has a homing device attached, but Yves offers to carry her. In response, she blushes and smiles.
Prince Corin: They land back in town, and Cookie gets translators while Rodo and Soras read about dragons at the library.
Cymru: Marcus and Iaffn discuss Cymru, Giles, and Yves. Marcus admits his fatherly affections for Yves and his suspicion that Yves is in love with Cymru, invoking jealousy from Giles. Iaffn denies this possibility and shares some of Giles' history with the Alliance and himself. Marcus reveals some of his long held suspicions concerning Giles. Cymru enters at the last to tell Iaffn about Giles' pending departure and his request to speak with her father. Iaffn assures Cymru regarding Giles and leaves at once.
Ryadian: Two men working for the imfamous "woman" (mentioned several times before) are discussing the young woman that Warren saw at the dig. Meanwhile, the "woman" is also wondering who she is, and mentions that she's sending out a team to do something; something that has to do with power.
BERNINBUSH: Lara gives Elana Criton, her Org supervisor, Tara's note to Kat. She begs for Tara not to be harmed; Elana gives her a false assurance that she won't be.
coraline: Lianna and Olivia travel to their parents' secret workshop, intending to spend the evening.
BERNINBUSH: Elana talks with her assistant Marsh about the history and goals of the Organization. She reveals that her assignment is to capture the Gibsons so the Org can learn their secrets. The Ruling Class wants to become physically powerful like the Warrior Class so they can continue ruling the Warriors and the Scientists. Elana believes Tara's globe will be key to capturing the Gibsons, and she formulates a plan to get it.
Ryadian: Warren and a group of men working for the "woman" go to a little ways behind the power plant and attach a wire to a cable, giving them direct access to Ditto Town’s power supply.
stargazer: Erik and Chica observe atop the Emporium; Erik gives her a description of some of the people and history of Ditto Town. He offers her a place to stay; Abby arrives and is excited about meeting a pixie.
coraline: Elana meets with Olivia's husband Lance, and arranges for a kidnapping. Lance meets his crew, a band of pirates.
starkat: The Ditto Rider returns to Ditto Town. Meets Ryder Knight and he asks to escort her into town.

Page 10:
Cymru: Iaffn and Giles discuss his departure. The two are concerned for Cymru and decide that she must have some assurance before Giles leaves town. They also briefly discuss suspicions about Yves and Giles' value to both the Organization and the Alliance. If his mission fails, Giles wants Cymru to know the truth and that she is loved. Iaffn tells him that he should tell her this last part himself. With his last words, we also learn that Iaffn will be journeying with him.
Nennare: Wink is re-assigned from Neverland to Ditto Town, and is glad of the change. She will be working with a girl with a strange name.
BERNINBUSH: Miriam the Berninbush is lost in her own thoughts, which are rather incomprehensible to outsiders.
leuthilalda: Toby talks to Rantim about the possibility of building ahome/mission for them. Rantim delivers some veiled prophecies, and suggeststhat they register with the President. They head off in the direction of thetown to do that.
EasternMarshes: Frith the jester decided to leave his former country and journey to Ditto Town, with the ambition of taking over as the Ditto Town Jester.
Earel Alquawen: MM tests Juius on his loyalty to originality and starts up the D-wars. Appearances by Bob Saget and mysterious figure pacing in the window of the Inn Between.
levibarjonas: Frist encounters the Eternal Ophthamist, and they strike up an understanding.
Cymru: Giles and Iaffn say goodbye to Cymru. Giles tells her he is coming back. Iaffn will return even sooner. They depart.
starkat: Katherine and Ryder go their seperate ways. Katherine takes a look around town, attempts to remove some of the traces of the Anti-Ditto attack, and someone grabs her from behind.
Earel Alquawen: Julius passes the test, Connor approaches MM about something that's worrying him
Jints: The gargoyles cause Chica to goggle
EasternMarshes: The EO brings Frith to the Looney Asylum, where he sets him up with quarters. After some time alone with his thoughts, Frith goes to find the D-tt- Fool and challenges him to a battle of wits and rhyme.
starkat: Ryder leave Katherine, goes back to his room to call his aunt.
Prince Corin: Joey the Ewok kills a dragon, then talks to Hugh.
starkat: Katherine and a hooded figure talk about the danger to her and her cousins. Emily interrupts. Emily agrees to keep the secret meeting secret and leaves. The hooded figure leaves.
Daughter of Eve: Lithoniel takes an evening walk and is attacked by a group of hungry orcs and a cyclops. She is rescued.