Monday, September 3, 2007

Character Index

Here is the Character Index, which has some of the basic information for many of the characters in the Ditto Story. For many of these characters, there is a link to their bio on NarniaWeb. If you want to know who's who, this is the place to be!

Note from Rya: Right now, I only have characters from the old Index and characters with links the Post Office/Sheriff's Department, and I know I'm missing some. If you know of any I'm missing, or if I have incorrect information up, please PM/e-mail me with the correct name, species, and author. If they have a bio, please send me the link as well.

For my benefit:

Abby Silvermoon--Abby Silvermoon is a gargoyle, and Erik Silvermoon's mate--both are stargazer's characters. (These gargoyles are based on the 1994 Disney TV show, "Gargoyles"--more information can be found here.) The two of them own and run the recently-constructed Astronomical Emporium. Both characters are currently in town and active members of the current story.
Abraham Lincoln--Abraham Lincoln is a cricket who lives in the Town Square. While he isn't a talking cricket, he's very intelligent, and can communicate by playing context-appropriate songs with his legs (for example, he once played "I Can Be Your Friend" as a gesture of friendship). Abraham Lincoln isn't controlled by any particular author, and is free for use by anyone who's interested.
Alec--Alec is a vampire, and one of lysander's characters. [Like virtually every vampire listed here, Alec is a vampire of the Ditto Town variety--not undead, but still blood-drinkers who shun daylight, are supernaturally strong and fast, and look distinctly inhuman. Eventually, I plan to have a post which describes them in more detail.] He was last heard from in Ditto Story 7, having left the control of the Dark Fancier; however, he had a difficult time fitting in with Ditto Town's vampires, and was last seen left alone in the Vampire Fancier's abandoned compound by Methos.
Alex--Alex Micah Wilkins, Erica's older brother, is a human from "our" world, and (like Erica) is one of Aravanna's characters. Back on Earth, he got involved in breeding fairy dragons, small and magical creatures. His sister ended up with one of these dragons, and shortly after disappeared. Not long afterwards, Alex found himself where his sister had disappeared to--Ditto Town, a place he's still trying to understand. Alex is still in town and an active member of the current story. 
Ambrose--Ambrose is one of shastastwin's characters. He was born a gargoyle, but thanks to genetic tampering by the Organization, he now is half-human, half-gargoyle--literally. One side of him is human, the other side gargoyle, with a jagged line separating them (though he has both wings and a complete tail). Ambrose has history with Dawn and Xander, two vampires, as well as Chase's parents. Ambrose is currently in town and an active member of the story.
Angharad Llewellyn--Angharad Llewellyn is one of author-Cymru's characters, as well as story-Cymru's mother. Angharad and her husband, Iaffn, have been involved in the Organization for years--and, in recent years, in the Alliance resisting it. During that time, in addition to being responsible for Cymru's genetic engineering, they aided in a vampire resistance, making a life-long enemy of the Dark Fancier. Cymru believed they were dead for most of her life, and has only recently discovered they were still alive.
Anna (Tara Jones)--Anna, alias Tara Jones, is a phoenix, and one of Ryadian's characters. Anna was, until recently, one of Phoenix Archer's three companions; they traveled the world together, fighting whatever evil they encountered on the way, until Phoenix Archer finally settled down in Ditto Town. Now that Phoenix Archer has a new home and has finally put some inner demons to rest, Anna and the other phoenixes decided to go back to their homeland for a while. Anna is not currently active in the story, though she may return.
Annaka--Annaka was formerly a non-talking pony, and is one of leuthilalda's characters. She was bought by the Organization around the time that Angela Brecker was kidnapped (in Ditto Story 6). However, despite not being a talking animal, she recognized that the Organization was evil and this girl was in trouble, and wandered off into Ditto Town. She was able to help rescue Angela; afterwards, Aslan gave her the gift of speech. She has since married Bob the pony, and they now have a foal on the way. 
Aria (The Tireless Engineer), Half-Elven, JillPole
Aro, Human (evil alter-ego of Chase), shastastwin
Assassin, Human (?), TheLostCharn
Axe, Human, TheLostCharn
Bob Saget, Platypus, No Permission Needed (need-to-know information: lives in the Fountain, can only talk to some people (like talking animals), generally friendly but can get riled up by evil people/people who invade his home)
Bob the pony, Talking pony, leuthilalda
Boo-Kay, Talking bucket, No Permission Needed (need-to-know information: owns and runs the Inn Between, can be very cantankerous, is known to lock people in the Inn if he's not paid)
Brianna (Rose Jones), Phoenix, Ryadian
Bronwyn Llewellyn, Human, Cymru
Carl, Human, shastastwin
Champion, Equestrian-like Steed, Aravanna
Cerberus, Rat, lysander
Chase, Human, shastastwin
Chava, Star, Violet Vale
Chica Fraser, Pixie, Jints
Christie, Human (dead), shastastwin
Claude, “Ghost” (Not the resurrected spirit of a dead person), stardf29
Corky of the Canadians (Cookie), Monkey of Primadom, Prince Corin
Cymru, Human, Cymru
Dahg, Assassin (human, dead), shastastwin
Darien, Human, GreenLady76
DARNIA, Cybernetic, equip14
Darth Devaricate (Salabis), Human, Shieldmaiden
Data, Vampire, Shawna
Dawn, Vampire, shastastwin
Diana (Sarah Jones), Phoenix, Ryadian
Dickcissel (Dicks), Wooden Goose, Marigold Gamgee
Ditto-Bot, Robot, Masked Rider
Eliana, Human, TheLostCharn
Embramaern, Fairy Dragon, Aravanna
Emily Dickinson Bronte, Raccoon, coraline
Eternal Ophthamist, The (The EO), Human, levibarjonas
Ethan Monmouth, Human (dead), Cymru
Erica, Human, Aravanna
Erik Silvermoon, Gargoyle, stargazer
Evelyn Maddison, Empath (she doesn’t actually know if that’s what her race is called, but that’s what she is), Ryadian
Fawnla, Human, QueenLucy
Fitzwilliam (Will), Talking possum, leuthilalda
Fredrick, Macaw, Aslans_Mane
Friend of Ditto (Gwilwileth), Human, lossenchristal
Frinio, Human, Alenta
Frith, Human, Eastern Marshes
Furry One, Grey Lion (Shapeshifter), Frodo Lion
Galacia, Elf, dittohunter
Gorse One-Eye, Flying squirrel, cepault
Giles/Will Davies, Vampire/Human (One or the other), coraline/Cymru
Gilraen, Elf, Eruname
Grace Dwyer, Human, lysander
Greya (Lord Silver-Mane), Elf, shastastwin
Grodeoun, Human (?), TheLostCharn
Gwanuig, Elf, starkat
Halrandir, Human, Halrandir
Hannah, Human, QueenLucy
"Headmistress (The)", Unknown, shastastwin
Hugh (Thug), Human, Shawna
Hugh the Bartender, Hologram, Cymru
Iaffn Llewellyn, Human, Cymru
Ian McCory, Human (dead), Cymru
Ingrid, Valdor (half human/half bighorn sheep), wyntre_rose
Isaac Nemesis, Human (from another universe), stardf29
J, Human, Nennare
J’aec, Cat/elf/falcon/human, master oliver
Jean, “Ghost” (Not the resurrected spirit of a dead person), stardf29
Joey, Ewok, Prince Corin
John, Human (dead), shastastwin
Jona, Vampire, Shawna
Julius the Jumbler, Minish, stardf29
Kelian, Half-Elven Human, TirianSonofAdam
Kar, Dray, shastastwin
Kayla, Human, Kayla_elfmaiden
Kitty, Calico Manx (talking) Cat, fantasia_kitty
Kristine, Human, Kayla_elfmaiden
La Danseuse, Human, Aelindil
Lance Nix, Human, coraline
Lark LeFaye, Human/fairy, GreenLady76
Legolas Turner, Elf, Legolas Turner
Lessien Tiwele, Elf, Eruname
Lianna Gibson, Human, coraline/starkat
Lithoniel, Elf, Daughter of Eve
Lobster, Lobster, Stylteralmaldo
Loren, Human, TheLostCharn
Losf Groga, Gorgon, shastastwin
Lucid, (Most likely) Human, Aravanna
Lyon, Griffin, Daughter of Eve
Nate (Nate the Knife), Human, frightfullyugly
Nate, Human, Kayla_elfmaiden
Nennare, Human, Nennare
Nessa (Ditto Court Songstress, Queen of Narnia), Human or Elvish?, Nessa Elensar
Nerrha Selmar, Human (from another universe), stardf29
Nevaeh (Cloaked), Human with some surprising inhuman powers, Cloaked
Nominator of Novelty, Human, Gwendolen
Number 6, Unknown, shastastwin
Marcus, Human, Cymru
Marian Dibbie, Human, Marigold Gamgee
Marion LeFaye, Fairy, GreenLady76
Marius, Vampire, Cymru
Methos, Vampire, Shawna
Mini-Bot, Robot, Masked Rider
Molly, African pygmy hedgehog, Aslans_Mane
Mystic, Fairy Dragon, Aravanna
Oceana, Mermaid, wyntre_rose/JillPole
Olivia Gibson Nix, Human, coraline/starkat
Owen (Iaffn), Human (?), Cymru
Peter Parker, Human/Arachnid, peterpevensie
Rachel Collins, Human (with some elf blood), Aslans_Mane
Rana Peters, Peredhil (part human/part elf), Ellesar
Rodo the Guard, Unknown, Prince Corin
Roger Baxter III (Roj, Baxo), Human, TheLostCharn
Rose Banks, Hobbit, leuthilalda
Rose Dwyer, Human, lysander
Rosella, Parrot, Daughter of Eve
Royal Bloodlines Guru, Rumbolian, Stylteralmaldo
Ryana (Phoenix Archer, Vanessa Jones), It’s been hinted she has phoenix blood but never confirmed, Ryadian
Ryder Knight, Human, starkat
Sage (Ditto Hunter), Elf, dittohunter
Samwise, Vampire, Shawna
Sea-lily Banks, Hobbit, leuthilalda
Seymour, Feline, Marigold Gamgee
Silver, Falcon, dittohunter
Skyhunter (Reese), Falcon (Narnian), stardf29
Song DeLaverok/MacCormac (Ditto Artist), Half-Elven, alora-lindea
Soras, Magic Eagle, Prince Corin
Spark, Elf (NOT from Middle Earth), Prince Corin
Sparky, Dragon, dittohunter
Spike, Vampire, Shawna
Susan Penhallow, Human, Cymru
Swiftwing, Gryphon, Mitana
Tara Brecker, Human, BERNINBUSH
Tel, Falcon, starkat
Thundershadow, Unicorn, JillPole
Toby Banks, Hobbit, leuthilalda
Torla Shobn, Human, former wraith assassin, shastastwin
Valyatasha, Fairy dragon, Aravanna
Vampire Fancier (The), Android (“deceased”), Shawna
Varnafinde (Varna), Elf, Varnafinde
Verena, Human (baby), coraline/starkat
Wambazim, Fairy Dragon, Aravanna
Willow, Vampire, fantasia_kitty
Xander, Vampire, shastastwin