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Ditto Story 7 Summaries (Pages 11-15)

Page 11:
lysander: (deleted and reposted, with changes, at the appropriate point in the plotline)
shastastwin: The Organization has moved into the school, and the Headmistress accepted them...but Carl isn't so eager to accept them, and disobeyed them when they tell him to stop looking for Chase. The Headmistress knows where he is and talks to him, but doesn't turn him in. She reveals why Chase is so important: he's the last of the Chase family, the only Runaway from the school, "one of the few Mist-walkers who had the ability inborn", and he poses a threat to Carl because of his father. Carl changes his appearance to look like Dahg the Assassin, then goes to Ditto Town.
Ryadian: Evelyn reflects on her conversation with Erik and Abby. She then arrives back at HasarĂ©’s hideout and tells her about some things she learned, including the news about the PATROL and the fact that either Erik didn’t want to talk about it or he didn’t know about Phoenix Archer’s temporary disappearance. However, she doesn’t mention her short memory lapse. After Evelyn leaves, HasarĂ© tells one of her guards to “watch for any changes” in Evelyn. (Author’s Note: This takes place right after Evelyn’s conversation with Erik and Abby in the pub from a few pages ago. This would be going back in time in the story a little ways…)
JillPole: Aria and Ryder discuss life. On their way back to town, they stumble on the VF's abandonded compound, and decide to explore. Ryder accidentally finds a secret set of stairs, and they head down them.
BERNINBUSH: Tara discovers that the strange creature in the woods is Gimli, a harmless vampire with skill in crafts. She offers him a job.
leuthilalda: Will has a bad dream.
leuthilalda: Toby and amelia discuss her friends illness. Toby decides that she needs the fireflower cordial, and they go to the room in the Inn between
JillPole: Aria and Ryder find the painting the VF used to use to contact L, but Aria accidentally breaks it. After that, they leave and head for the emporium...where they hear a glad shriek which raises their spirits.
starkat: Katherine gets a call from Abby, who invites Ditto Rider to the Emporium for a visit. On the way there, Katherine encounters Ryder...and Aria. She shouts Aria's name loudly enough for Erik and Abby to hear it inside the Emporium.
stargazer: Erik gets a new part for his telescope, and Abby invites Katherine over. However, soon after, they hear Katherine's cry, and eagerly rush outside to see the captain of the StarSeeker. As soon as the initial part of their reunion is done, Abby invites everyone inside.
stardf29: Chase reads a letter from Christie, and he, Greya, and Rana meet up with Isaac, Nerrha, and Nessa. A picture in Christie's letter seems to be a picture of the future. Lord Weinfuld comes in, and Chase identifies him as the Gorgon that had attacked him earlier. With his sword Talarais, Chase throws the house into darkness.
shastastwin: Chase finds he, and those he touches, can see in the twilight brought on by Talarais, and that the sword also lets him talk to those he touches. He guides the others to the window while Greya lures Losf away from them. Finally, using a Fire Card from the Star Defenders, Chase attacks the Gorgon and they all return to Ditto Town.
JillPole: (From before the battle with Molla Bek.) Oceana realizes that whoever attacked her probably is made of at least 50% water, so she uses her abilities to escape. However, after she turns on the lights, she realizes it was just Aria playing a joke on her. After some apologies and embraces, they decide to catch up...and Aria realizes that there's something bothering Oceana.
shastastwin: Chase and Greya discuss the message the Elf received in the school, and the possibility of Kar's being part of the school's evil plots. Aro shows up, stopping them in their tracks with an ominous message.
TheLostCharn: In which we meet Roger "Roj" Baxter III, and he finds out what a strange town he has lived in all his life.
Marigold Gamgee: Marian is in a predicament. What should the library dowith some empty rooms they have?

Page 12:
JillPole: Oceana tells Aria about what's going on between her, Eruheran, and Adrian. Aria advises her to continue getting to know Adrian, then decide after that whether she should pursue a romance with Eruheran or Adrian. Oceana mentions the possibility that they're the last merpeople, but Aria points out that if she's not right for Adrian, God will take care of the rest. Soon after, she "accidentally" pulls out one of Oceana's hairs, deciding to do some analysis on it to help out her friend.
JillPole: The reunion between Aria and her friends from her perspective.
TheLostCharn: Roj gets home and delivers the medicine to his mother. He then meets up with Axe, and tells him about the platypus, the raccoon with the knapsack, and the woman with green hair. While another man confirms that Bob Saget exists, Axe doesn't believe the other two, and Roj feels hurt.
shastastwin: Ambrose awakens and ponders the whereabouts of "the others." Then he follows Chase and Greya on their adventure. Dawn and Xander encounter the group heading for the school, and Dawn's amulet glows. Dahg comes to town and rents room number -3
starkat: Katherine and Ryder enjoy a day out, but there is a rather unexpected twist when their mother shows up
starkat: Ryder and Richard, his and Katherine's stepfather, are left behind after Katherine takes their mother back to town for medical attention. Richard is concerned, but Ryder reassures him Katherine has friends she can trust. At the same time, however, Ryder realizes that Richard doesn't know about Katherine's abilities---or his.
starkat: Katherine brings her mother to Aria, who begins taking care of her and promises to keep the secret. While Aria is taking care of that, Katherine tries to adjust to the fact that she has a stepfather.
stargazer: (Continuation of the reunion.) Aria tells them her stories, but by the time she's finished, it's very late. The group disperses to get some rest. Soon before dawn, Erik gives Abby a spontaneous gift---a beautiful hair clip from Earth. They go into stone sleep in an embrace.
starkat: Richard finds Katherine and Kathleen and tells them they have to leave, as they were followed to Ditto Town. At first, Katherine resists letting her leave...then she discovers that there's something Kathleen needs to tell her. Richard gives them a few minutes, in which Kathleen has a hard time getting to the point. Finally, she asks about the sword and dagger---which shocks Ditto Rider, as Kathleen shouldn't know about that. To top it all of, Gwanuig shows up, and soon after, Kathleen has to leave. However, she tells Katherine that Gwanuig will tell her everything else, and to keep the sword and dagger as they are "the keys". Her final words are "Beware the 'Nine'." Gwanuig informs Aria and Katherine that Richard and Kathleen won't be coming back.
JillPole: The story is retold from Ryder's perspective, who didn't hear any of it. Aria sums up what she knows for him and tells him that Gwanuig is in the tent. She also comments that he "needs some good homecooked food".
starkat: Gwanuig brings Katherine to the place where she found the Wand of Originality and tells her the whole story. His family has been involved in preventing the Nine from taking over the world for centuries, but they have been inactive for the last 150 years. Over fourty years ago, an Elven smith forged the sword and dagger, which will serve as keys to something they want (Gwanuig and his family aren't sure what). When Katherine brought the Elven King the Wand, he realized she was the one to bear the sword and dagger. Now the Nine wants Katherine because she is the bearer.
Ryadian: Phoenix Archer goes to see Tara about joining the PATROL. After they briefly discuss what the PATROL is there for and the requirements, Phoenix Archer reads the Member’s Covenant and realizes that her overwhelming desire for secrecy could get in the way. Phoenix Archer asks to know who the “leaders” of the PATROL are, and though she doesn’t tell Tara this, she’s decided that she’s going to let the leaders know who she really is.
TheLostCharn: Axe is out and about, and he sees the platypus, which causes him to wonder if Roj was really making it up. He then sees a poster for the PATROL. Soon after, he runs into Lianna---and sees the green hair. After that clicks, he asks her about the PATROL.
JillPole: Aria brings Ryder to the mess tent, and she discovers her mother has taken over the kitchen. She finds herself bugged by her mother taking over, as she's always been the one in charge, but she decides to deal with it at a more appropriate time. She encourages the dwarves her mother has begun bossing around and begins eating with Ryder, wryly commenting that they both have parental issues.
leuthilalda: Amelia explains some about Hannah, and they proceed back towards the rescue center. Amelia disables an assassin from the nine on the way
lysander: (post deleted ... will be reposted at the correct time)

Page 13:
starkat: Katherine does some thinking, in part wondering why Gwanuig's explanation reminded her of her dream. Gwanuig heads home, and though he offers to take Katherine with him, she decides she needs to go back to town. After a long ride, she comes back to the Apothecary, where she sees Lianna talking to a boy she doesn't recognize.
Aravanna: Lucid, a man in his thirties who has lost all trace of himself (memories, personality, everything), is riding on his very unusual horse, Champion, to town. He finds himself pursued by a creature he has encountered before; a huge creature that is a bear during the day, and a wolf (that can run faster than Champion) at night. For some reason, he also knows it can't be killed.
Aravanna: The monster catches up with Champion, and they engage in a desperate race for Lucid's life. However, before the creature can strike, it suddenly stops, and for a moment, Lucid thinks he sees a huge, golden shape with a mane. However, he never gets a solid fix on it and decides it was his imagination. Whatever the case, he feels safe and continues riding at a normal pace.
Aravanna: Lucid and Champion end up in Ditto Town, and Lucid feels as if he's reached his destionation---though he doesn't know why. They go to the stable, and they both fall asleep there. Later, Ditto Kitty wakes him up, and after a brief conversation (in which Kitty realizes he's very abnormal), she decides to warn the rest of the Ditto Team about the stranger.
TheLostCharn: Axe meets Katherine, and they all discuss the PATROL (and during this conversation, Axe reveals how clueless he is about most of the town's occupants). They go to the Cup & Platter to talk, and get inside immediately after a rainstorm starts.
Aiony: The Nine hold a meeting, in which they decide that the Organization has failed in its purpose. Although they aren't going to take action against it yet, they aren't going to help it anymore. Number 1 asks Number 7 about his project, which he says is ready for the next step, and "the prize is in hand". The meeting is adjourned after that.
Cymru: Iaffn, Angharad, and Erik try to contact Aria, but all they get is her "answering machine".
Cymru: Bronwyn finds herself alone in the Cup & Platter, but not for long---Susan Penhallow and Marcus arrive soon after. Susan realizes that Bron is feeling guilty---and worse, is trying to bottle it up. She encourages the girl to be honest about her feelings, and she does by crying into the older woman's shoulder. They begin to talk about it. Meanwhile, Hugh is picking elderberries for Bronwyn when he realizes his transmitter's charge is very low. He begins heading back, but before he's quite sure what's happening, he finds himself near the Emporium, with a fully charged transmitter. He realizes either Cymru is back or someone is interfering with his program.
Aiony: After the meeting, Number 1 and Number 7 continue their conversation. Number 7 mentions that the Organization "will be sending someone after the boy again", and that they can use that to their advantage. Number 1 tells him that "idiots and bunglers" have leaked their prescence to the outside, and to use underlings or to hire someone to work for him. Number 7 has someone in mind.
Aravanna: Erica leaves the pottery shop to head for the Cup and Platter. She is reunited with Val, her friend fairy dragon, on the way. Roj, who has been spying on her, follows her in.
Aiony: Number 7 ponders his group's purpose, and reveals (cryptically) to the audience that Katherine's keys are keys to a machine that can take its user to other worlds. One of his underlings interrupts his musings, and he gives him instructions: he is to take a box with instructions to "the Hunter". The Hunter's job is to capture the keys and the key keeper (alive) to the underling, and the box also contains something to take care of her powers.
Cymru: Iaffn and Ang make contact with Aria
Cymru: Mordecai tries to find "the One" beneath the lair of The Dark Fancier
Cymru: Hugh the Holograph spaces out. Marcus eats pie.
lysander: Grace, restless, seeks out the Dark Fancier. He sends her with a breakfast tray to Cymru, and explains to Owen that he will be listening in to make sure of Grace's loyalty. Overhearing this, Grace promises to herself that she will be careful, then goes in to Cymru.
shastastwin: An underling brings Number 6 news about the School and the Weapon. He brings good news about the Weapon, but not about the amulets. Number 6 tells his lieutenant to hire new operatives to retrieve the amulets, as he needs all five.

Page 14:
Cymru: Owen discovers love. The Dark Fancier decides to pay Cymru a visit.
stardf29: Toby and Amelia discuss the Nine. They go to help Hannah, and Amelia climbs into one of the clinic's bed with Hannah-in-doll-form. They then switch places.
Aiony: Number 7's underling gives the Hunter his instructions and the box, adding that there will be a bonus if he gets the job done within 36 hours, as someone close to the key keeper will be attacked in that time.
JillPole: Oceana and Adrian race again, and a very old friend makes a cameo appearance.
Kayla_elfmaiden: A woman named Kristine comes to town, and she seems concerned about who she can trust and who she can't. She meets Hugh, who recommends the Inn Between to her. Kristine rents a room.
Varnafinde: Varna goes to ask Lucy the Librarian for advice about her bookstore, and Lucy mentions the empty rooms they have. They agree to let Varna open her bookstore there. They also discuss literature, their backgrounds, and other things while they're at it.
lysander: Cymru awkwardly invites Grace to eat with her and, bound by her duty to Scorpio, Grace accepts. To entertain Cymru, she tells her life story, then finally snaps, speaking of her jealousy of Rose, disillusioned view of Scorpio, and general despair. Upon leaving, she realizes that she has jeopardized her already tottering situation in the Dark Fancier's household.
Kayla_elfmaiden: Kristine begins thinking about her future, and the things she'll need.
TheLostCharn: A man named Prenden waits outside the mansion where Ian and the Professor once held Cymru captive, intending to gather some information about the Organization. However, before he can, he's startled by a pair of red eyes, and the next morning, he's dead with no apparent wound. It turns out that a man called Assassin killed Prenden because he was a threat to the "Great Plan". Assassin's father, Grodeoun, discusses the matter with him, and Assassin asks him to let him take a suggestion before "the Black Panel". At first, Grodeoun resists, but he eventually agrees. After Assassin leaves, Gordeoun ponders his future...or, more importantly, the present he's trapped in.
starkat: Katherine calls all of her family together in a clearing outside of town to tell them the news, though Katherine has to stop by the Ditto Team's HQ first. Lianna knows there's something wrong, but waits for Katherine to tell her. However, when they arrive at HQ, Katherine signals for silence and points at the ground.
starkat: Katherine and Lianna reunite with Kitty and Willow
starkat: Katherine and Lianna realize something's wrong and teleport out to the location. Katherine tells them everything that's happeneing, but soon after, some Organization men come after Ryder. They also came with a disruptor, which sends the Gibsons and Graysons to their knees. However, Kitty, Willow, Aria, and Thundershadow come to their rescue.
stardf29: Aro gives Chase an amulet, which Ambrose arrives to say is one of five to win the War of the Nine. The Star Defenders arrange with Nessa to see if the shield to Brandon's hideout has been deactivated. The group gets ready to head back to town.
shastastwin: Dawn and Xander are attacked by a seemingly old man. Xander bites the stanger just enough to cause pain. The man, who was wearing a veil, removes said veil to show a face clawed and burned; he asks if he is on the right way to Ditto Town. The vamps are left unconscious.
JillPole: Aria and Thundershadow are walking around the outside of town when they stumble upon the battle. They join in, and during the fight, Aria notices a man apparently made of light who helps them. She mentions him to Ryder with (in his opinion) a rather dreamy expression, and Ryder begins to wonder if it's a sign that his powers are slipping again.
Cymru: Cymru receives a visit from the man himself

Page 15:
starkat: Ryder takes a bullet for Aria. The group finds themselves outnumbered (and out-armed), so Olivia freezes time long enough for them to take the men's weapons and turn the tables. Afterward, Lianna and Katherine erase their memories, drawing on strenght from Olivia and Ryder. Lianna and Katherine pass out, but Ryder is standing thanks to Aria.
JillPole: Ryder is reminded that he was on patrol and calls PATROL headquarters. They tell him they sent some help his way---Erik and Abby. They start heading to Aria's camp in order to tend to the wounded. On the way, Aria comments to Ryder that she wants to pay him back for saving her life twice.
Cymru: Cymru's first meeting with the Dark Fancier continues
Cymru: Owen sees what is happening between his father and Cymru, and is infuriated that his father is hurting her---and that she seems to have given up resisting him. Owen arms himself with a long metal rod and goes to see his father.
Cymru: Owen interrupts his father's interview
Cymru: Will Davies and Erik Silvermoon discuss their early days in Ditto Town and an old feathered friend.
Cymru: The pub begins to swarm with Dittotopians anxious to help out. Will Davies and Susan Penhallow discuss the past and the future.
Kayla_elfmaiden: Kristine takes a few steps to alter her appearance, then tries to use her powers (which seem to be some form of ice control). However, her powers take over her and she begins to freeze. Suddenly, someone she knows named Nate appears and helps her. After she recovers, they talk, and it's revealed that a man named Max killed their parents, and later kidnapped Kristine and put her in his lab. He also is responsible for the block preventing her from using her powers, so Nate is able to fix it. Kristine also mentions that someone named Kayla is controlling Max...which seems to be bad news.
Aiony: The Hunter was watching the battle, wanting to learn their battle strategies. He realizes they rely too much on their abilities, and begins to to plot how to use that against them.
Aravanna: Lucid wakes from a strange dream and discovers he slept all day. However, he also discovers that Champion is dying. He leaves to find help.
Kayla_elfmaiden: Kayla comes back to the lab and finds out that Kristine has escaped. Also finding out that Ditto Town is the closest one, she heads over there to begin the search, but her main source of hope is that Kristine still has the block.
starkat: Ryder and Olivia talk. Meanwhile, Katherine has a dream, in which she sees another realm where there was a key keeper. Apparently, he destroyed the key, and the Nine came and destroyed everything. The key was taking to Ditto Town's realm and reforged into two keys. Katherine's dream continues, with scenes from what she believes to be her past playing past---though she soon realizes it's from her future. She wakes up in a cold sweat.
Cymru: Giles finally confronts Bronwyn
Cymru: Cymru feels broken as Owen's nature and intentions are revealed at last.
stardf29: The healing takes place with no major complications. Afterwards, Rek and Tum return to Narnia
TheLostCharn: The Black Panel holds a meeting, and they discuss their goals---and they realize that Ditto Town is in the center of it, much to their dismay. Soon after, Grodeoun mentions Assassin's request, and they let him speak.