Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ditto Story 7 Summaries (Pages 6-10)

Page 6:
Cymru: See last page (Cymru)
stardf29: Amelia rents out the cheapest room in the Inn Between... and gets what she pays for.
Earel Alquawen: Mani is fuming over what Ryder said and isn't paying attention, and is knocked off of her horse for it. As she is recovering, she hears a voice say, "Hello."
stargazer: It's the night of the hatching, and it turns out that it's twins...well, that's what they think. Near the end of the dream, they discover that Puck, the trickster who plagued Erik's grandfather, was merely playing an April Fool's joke on them in the form of a dream.
shastastwin: Rana, Chase, and Greya travel to the city that lies near the school that was Chase's prison. They discuss their plans for getting into the school, and decide to send in Greya, who has had experience in these matters. Chase and Rana will stay behind until he returns, searching the PDA from Kar while they wait.
shastastwin: Greya arrives at the school and is taken to select a student by the Headmistress. On the way, a girl rushes out and gives a message to Greya.
Cymru: Giles and Lianna are reunited.
stargazer: The gargoyles discuss their shared dream, and Erik tells the story of an earlier encounter with the trickster Puck
Aslans_Mane: Rachel meets a young man while she is tidying up her shop for her first day of buisness. He offers her help as she prepares for customers.
Varnafinde: Varnafinde finds her way back through the portal to Ditto town.
Earel Alquawen: The voice turns out to belong to Valyantasha, who eagerly asks MM if she can join the Originalists.
LittleQueenLucy: Cassie's sister, Annabella, is a bit sick. Cassie decided to take Anna for a walk.
lysander: Yves awakes in Cymru's garden, where he had cried himself to sleep, then hears Rose struggling on the nearby road to make it to the Inn Between. Assisting her, Yves reassures her that she is always welcome at the Cup & Platter. When she questions him about why he ran from Grace, he asks her "Don't you know?" and leaves her on the threshold of the Inn.
lysander: See above
Frodo Lion: Furry One goes to the Emporium's Welcoming Center to make friends with Nerrah and Isaac. He also goes to get directions to the PATROL Bunkhouse.
starkat: Katherine and Gwanuig spend some time catching up.

Page 7:
Cymru: Grace waits for Scorpio.
Narnian_silver: silver goes looking for zink near a march while remembering her dream of the night before.she gets trapped on a log and sees a man holding Zink
BERNINBUSH: Tara explains the organization and technology of the new Patrol, and the first team begins its shift.
stardf29: Isaac talks to Nerrha about how he cannot bring himself to forgive his brother, who, as an Organization member, has caused much harm to the town. Nerrha tells him to be patient and that he will be able to forgive someday.
Cymru: Iaffn and Angharad briefly discuss their fate. Owen talks to his father and we learn Owen's real name.
starkat: Katherine and Tara set Ryder and the Manipulator of the Mundane up on the same PATROL schedule
stardf29: Reese recounts his story so far. Upon leaving the Town, he hears a mysterious song and remembers his mission to find a "song from the flowers", as it will be a link between Narnia and Ditto Town. Upon further investigation, they find a woman who recognizes Reese and calls him by his Narnian name; Reese's response... "Princess Nessa?"
shastastwin: Chase and Rana search the PDA and find a message from Kar which explains some of Chase's past. When Chase tries to view the message again, the PDA has a meltdown. Greya returns and says he has found where Christie is. The three of them will go there tomorrow to find her, with Chase and Rana posing as Greya's 'servant' and 'daughter'.
Cymru: Marcus tells Susan he loves her. Bronwyn contemplates the future of her soul. Yves tells Will he knows his true identity - the two have it out. A ancient prophecy is remembered.
JillPole: Yet another planet, yet another fuel finding mission. Or not.
JillPole: See above
JillPole: See above
shastastwin: Chase, Greya and Rana meet Lord Weinfuld. He brings them into his carriage, then reveals that he knows who Chase is. Chase's poisoned wound begins to burn again. They enter the nobleman's home to find both Christie and an assassin, whom Chase knew from the school, dead on the floor.
Earel Alquawen: MM returns home and finds that she is in the middle of several mini-crises, including what to do with Val. She decides to visit the Knarled Oak.
Earel Alquawen: MM finds out she's on PATROL duty that night. While on duty, she discovers that Ryder is on the same shift as she is, and a message he sends prompts her to go to his last known location.
starkat: Katherine joins Ryder on his patrol circuit to make sure he doesn't avoid MM. They hear a noise and find more than they bargined for

Page 8:
JillPole: Aria and the others barely escape from the planet by testing out the transporter on humans, and (after a brief argument with the author), they survive. However, as soon as they're on board, the StarSeeker receives a message from the Organization ship...despite being cloaked.
Earel Alquawen: Connor, Val, and several hamsters go to the Ditto Mansion for an Originality attack. Rather than hit the whole mansion, however, they decide to hit Ryder's room.
Aravanna: Val helps out with the raid, and sets up a device that will explode and spray Original confetti when the door is open.
starkat: Things get worse for Ryder and Katherine is helpless to do anything
JillPole: Thundershadow manages to lose the Organization momentarily (very momentarily), but they soon find that they're still being chased. Aria's parents admit that the reason the Organization is probably so desperate to catch them is for the briefcase they brought aboard. Aria tells Thundershadow to head back to Dittopia, and although she's reminded that they've been away for a month and a half, she's undaunted.
starkat: The Manipulator of the Mundane follows Katherine and Ryder's trail
Earel Alquawen: The Originalists continue their "raid".
shastastwin: Ambrose and Methos meet at the bunker. Dawn and Xander talk.
Ryadian: Vanessa takes a walk. After a while, she notices a sign about the PATROL in town and thinks about joining. Meanwhile, Evelyn finds the Cup & Platter and sees a rather unusual creature: a gargoyle.
starkat: A fight for the gun, Ryder apologizes, and Katherine is in shock.
stardf29: Nessa lets Isaac know of a shield mechanism located in John's school that needs to be disabled before he can access Brandon's headquarters; she also decides to help him out as thanks for returning Reese/Skyhunter to her safely (she knew the falcon from when she was young, before he got captured).
starkat: Ryder finds out that his future has been drastically changed from this point in his life. Olivia and Lianna talk him through the history of their abilities and he leaves a sleeping Katherine at the Apothocary while he heads back to his room.
JillPole: Aria fills her parents in on her life so far.
JillPole: Bell and Muireanne reveal their tale.
starkat: Ryder sees the havoc that the hamsters, Val, and Conner have wreaked in his room.
starkat: Ryder has a strange dream.

Page 9:
BERNINBUSH: Tara takes Ryder's place on Patrol, and encounters a mysterious being in the bushes with very quick reflexes.
lysander: Yves worries about Cymru, now taken posession of by an even more mysterious force than that which haunted Kidron. Confirmed in his brotherly affection for Cymru, but not his "love," he also is beginning to understand Will/Giles, who, though no superman, is no scoundrel either. He does not know whether they will survive this time together, but he reflects that if they do, it may be the start of a new life for him.
stargazer: The pub is quite crowded, so Erik converses with Evelyn, unaware she’s interested in gathering information about Ditto Town for HasarĂ©
Aravanna: Erica reflects on some of the things, wonders where Val is, and finds the newly-opened pottery shop. She sees a girl and a man inside, but she decides not to disturb them as they're in mid-conversation.
Varnafinde: Varnafinde rents a room at the Inn Between (again) and remembers her first encounter with Boo-Kay. After unpacking, she decides to visit Rose Banks and see the hobbit babies.
starkat: Katherine has a nightmare which starts in a valley covered by a dark cloud, which is dispersed by a ray of light. She then meets a man she finds familiar but doesn't know why, and who speaks in a language she can't understand. As he's talking, however, she feels as if someone has grabbed her heart---painfully. The man can't help her, but before it gets much worse, she wakes up, wanting to go back to Ditto Town.
leuthilalda: Varna comes to the rescue center to see the babies.
stargazer: Erik and Abby have a little difficulty adapting to the heat and humidity of their first summer in Ditto Town. They drop in on the festive opening of the PATROL
JillPole: Thundershadow and Aria spend some time together on the holodeck, and the unicorn prompts the captain to confess her true feelings about becoming human. Aria does so, and Thundershadow comforts her, and Aria is finally able to find some peace.
starkat: Ryder has a dream filled with opposites, and he reflects on how he is changing...and how hard it's becoming to keep it from Katherine, thanks to their bond. He decides to tell her something he knows before she figures it out.
starkat: Ryder's power has begun to manifest, and whatever it is, it causes his hands to glow when he's using it. He was followed by some men, and he discovers that they can't see him anymore.
starkat: Ryder discovers he has light powers, and was able to make himself invisible when the men were looking for him. Meanwhile, Katherine is bothered by her brother's behavior, among other things, and decides to see if Erik can offer any insight.
Varnafinde: Varnafinde begins telling the Banks her story, and they compare notes on their time visiting Narnia and Middle Earth.
stargazer: Katherine arrives at the Emporium, and she, Abby, and Erik discuss the situation with Ryder.
starkat: Katherine, Abby, and Erik continue their discussion.
JillPole: Ingrid and Ornus spend some time together, happily singing.

Page 10:
stargazer: Abby muses over the situation with Ryder concerning his desire to protect Katherine, and compares it with other situations and the gargoyles' mantra: "Gargoyles protect".
starkat: Through their bond, Katherine realizes that Ryder is in trouble.
starkat: Katherine goes after Ryder, Erik and Abby following (actually giving her a ride) and with Lianna and Olivia on the way. They get a rough estimate of where Ryder is from some stars Katherine noticed and head in that direction.
stargazer: Erik provides Katherine with a ride; the group discusses gliding and its joys.
starkat: Lianna and Olivia, using Olivia's time abilities, arrive at the clearing before Katherine and the gargoyles, and they watch what happened. When Ryder disappears, they realize he has light abilities. As soon as the time travel allows them, they leap in to save the day. Although the men escape, they're mostly uninjured.
starkat: When Katherine and the gargoyles arrive, they discover that the men are still around and are now better prepared. They hold off the gargoyles, Lianna, and Olivia long enough to wound Katherine, which causes Ryder to reveal himself again...and he finds that he can use his powers to actually hurt his enemies. Erik narrowly prevents him from killing the men before Ryder passes out. Katherine's injury is minor, and they decide to head back to town.
leuthilalda: Toby starts telling about the various members of the rescue team
stargazer: Erik lets one of the Organization men know his opinions on human justice vs. gargoyle justice. Afterwards, he overhears some of the men a "plan" which "would have worked", and they begin to mention Kathleen Grayson's name. While Erik doesn't hear the rest, what he does hear disturbs him.
starkat: Ryder and Katherine talk about everything that's happened.
JillPole: Oceana receives a letter from Eruheran, who tells her that he feels it would be best for her if she tried to love Adrian, since Adrian is of her own kind and because Eruheran is going through "changes". Oceana takes it very hard and cries herself to sleep.
JillPole: The Organization ship finds what they believe to be the StarSeeker, only to find it abandoned and ransacked---scavengers have gone through since it was abandoned. Apparently, the StarSeeker really made its way home through a "hot white light and interdimensional vacuum cleaners".
JillPole: Aria has come back to Ditto Town, disguised to protect herself from the Organization ship, but Molla Bek finds her anyways. They fight, and Ryder comes to her rescue just in time. During the battle, he accidentally kills Molla. Afterwards, they dispose of the body and introduce themselves to each other.
starkat: Katherine teleports to Ryder to check on him, and is just in time to see Molla's body disappear. However, since he appears busy and he's not in danger (and she doesn't recognize Aria), she goes back, not wanting him to feel upset about her checking up on him.
leuthilalda: Toby continues their story, telling about their life in Narnia, and about their coming to Dittopia. Will tells his story.
leuthilalda: Bob recounts their part in the rescue of Angela, and the story-telling session ends. As Toby and Rose are about to retire, a knock comes on the door
stardf29: Amelia goes to visit Toby and Rose for some medicine for a dying friend of hers. The medicne she seeks must have energy from the sun.