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Ditto Story 7 Summaries (Pages 16-20)

Page 16:
Ryadian: Phoenix Archer gets a chance to talk to the “leaders” of the PATROL---The Ditto Rider, Manipulator of the Mundane, and Tara. She tells them about her desire to join the PATROL, and she reveals her identity as Vanessa to them. Phoenix Archer becomes a member.
Kayla_elfmaiden: Kayla comes to town, and soon after arriving, she begins to wonder why her "master" is so interested in Kristine...and why he was so adamant that she not escape. Kayla stops by the Cup & Platter and Hugh tells her about Kristine, unaware that she's an enemy. Kayla goes to Kristine's room and waits for her. Kristine was out on a walk with Nate, but they part ways as she heads for her room.
Kayla_elfmaiden: Kayla reveals her prescence to Kristine, and Kristine does her best to stall Kayla while she thinks of an escape plan. Kayla inadvertantly reveals that she doesn't know why her master is interested in Kristine, and Kristine reveals that the block is gone. Kristine tries to escape, but Kayla reveals that she has telekinesis and tries to stop her. Kristine freezes her to a wall and escapes.
leuthilalda: The trip of Rek, Tum, and Bob to the wood between the worlds
Cymru: Will and Susan prepare for the night's dreams. Someone pays a visit to a corner outside the Cup & Platter
starkat: Katherine goes to meet with Gwanuig, and she tells Ryder she'll probably be gone for a few days.
starkat: Katherine and Gwanuig talk. Apparently, Gwanuig and Katherine have been having the same dream at the same time. Katherine goes to meet the forger of the keys, who is also Gwanuig's uncle. They talk some more along the way, then Gwanuig is sent away so that Calanon, the forger, can talk to her alone.
starkat: Gwanuig and his father have an argument about Katherine, apparently concerning her stance concerning Dittos and Originals. The Elf King mentions that Gwanuig has feelings for her. Katherine inadvertantly overhears this conversation, and some pieces begin falling into place.
lysander: Grace ponders her situation, and decides she needs to figure out how to escape for the day she knows she'll need to.
Aravanna: Bob the pony and Will find out about Champion's condition and offer Lucid their help.
starkat: Katherine and Gwanuig talk, and they both realize they have feelings for the other. However, Katherine knows pursuing them is an impossibility at that moment and tells him so.
TheLostCharn: Roj and Axe catch up on their findings, and then Val makes a surprise entrance...
JillPole: Oceana and Adrian finally tell each other the whole truth. They decide to remain friends; Oceana feels they're "too alike to date". When they part ways, Oceana goes home, but Adrian goes hunting.
PadmeLucy: Elsa went down to the lake happily to get a pail of water. It was bright sunny, and the sky seemed more blue then ever. She got her water and went back to her master's house. She was a servant of a most horable man, The Duke of Mainland. Suddenly, just as she walked in, she fainted.
PadmeLucy: Queen Ranana, a wicked queen Elsa was once unfortunate enough to work for, has taken over Mainland. Elsa still remembers her way out and escapes, taking the Duke's son, Robin, with her.
PadmeLucy: Elsa and Robin turn to Tetherland to help them. However, as they're discussing battle plans, they encounter Ranana's troops.

Page 17:
JillPole: Erik talks to Aria about letting a professor come give a lecture about intergalactic travel at the Emporium. Aria agrees, and Erik goes to the post office to mail him their reply.
stargazer: Erik and Abby discuss the prospect, and Erik is very excited. After talking to Aria, he goes to the post office and asks the Freeway sisters to mail it in the morning. After the request, they begin catching up.
JillPole: A man has a dream in which he's running, very hard and very fast, and he's told to "turn and look". After some struggle, he does so, and sees a being made of light. The being dissolves into his body, then he awakens.
Cymru: Erik Silvermoon meets up with his old friend, the jester, on a secretive night errand.
Cymru: Yves finds a note from Will with instructions he finds less than satisfying and decides to take matters into his own hands.
Cymru: Will and Bronwyn hear an unexpected visitor in the garden while waiting for another. lysander: Yves bids Rose farewell.
starkat: Ryder finds himself overwhelmed by the situation, and annoyed at Katherine's departure. Lianna talks to him, trying to support him, but it's not entirely successful. After learning how to erect barriers, Ryder continues his thoughts until he falls asleep.
JillPole: Aria finds herself thinking about Ryder and the mysterious glowing man. She considers offering Ryder a job, despite feeling it's insufficient reward for saving her life, and (to her chagrin) this of the glowing man almost as if she has a crush on him. During these thoughts, however, she receives a strange feeling that someone she knows---someone important---is behind her. She turns and kneels, but when he asks her not to, she realizes who it is and tackle-hugs him.
JillPole: The man Aria hugged turned out to be Eruheran. He tells her that there is a "evil rumour throughout the forest", and that is part of the reason why he's back (the other part having to do with Oceana). However, first, Aria asks how he became an elf lord. Apparently, his old mentor knew his identity, but also knew Eruheran had to find out for himself. After a few years, he finally figured it out---hence the dream. However, since the bloodline was from his father's side (their mothers are sisters), Aria didn't inherit it. Afterwards, Aria tells him all that happened to her, and Eruheran tells her she's not fully human.
Aiony: The Hunter is frustrated to discover that Ditto Rider has disappeared for the time being. He begins recalculating, but he still has one advantage: he has some kind of substance that will neutralize her abilities.
Varnafinde: Varna and Lucy prepare for the upcoming Grand Opening of Varna's Finds.
Ryadian: Phoenix Archer goes home and tells the three teens about what happened at the PATROL bunkhouse. They briefly discuss it, and Sarah makes a comment about Hasaré. Yet again, Phoenix Archer flies off the handle about it, but after they calm her down, she admits again that she has no idea why she became so angry and uncontrollable…and that she doesn’t even remember much of what she just did. Phoenix Archer goes to rest, and Rose now suspects that Hasaré did something to her to cause it.
starkat: Gwanuig has a surprise visitor and ponders a new possibility
stardf29: Portals from the Minish world to the Dittotopian universe have opened up, and Julius is expected to lead the Minish in helping keep the world out of danger. shastastwin: Torla discovers an intruder at the C&P, and she and Hugh barely manage to drive him off.

Page 18:
shastastwin: Chase and Greya return and learn that an intruder was at the Cup and Platter the night before: Dahg.
stardf29: Amelia wakes up to see Sea-Lily and Shasta watching her. She sees the sunrise and turns into Hannah, who would recover faster because of it. They enjoy breakfast and some time outside. A while later, Rose wakes up and finds them, and while everything's all right, she comments on a strange dream she had....
JillPole: As it turns out, Adrian was hunting for Eruheran. Adrian confronts him about his secrecy, and while he's angry at first, he realizes Eruheran was really trying to do the right thing---he just didn't do it very well. After they reconcile, they vent what little anger they have left in a good-natured sparring match.
shastastwin: Ambrose goes out on PATROL duty and Erik meets up with him. They talk about restoring Ambrose to a full-gargoyle state, and Ambrose reveals his secret: the identity of the man whose DNA was used in the experiment that made him half-gargoyle, half human.
starkat: Twists and turns. Gwanuig and Katherine talk only to be interrupted
Ryadian: Evelyn has a chat with her best friend, Tasha, which partially covers the strange treatment Evelyn has been receiving from her superiors lately. After a little while, Evelyn has another memory lapse…and a very short mood swing. Evelyn is embarrassed and asks Tasha not to tell. Tasha agrees, but she doesn’t have to; one of Hasaré’s supervisors overhears what happened and goes off to report it to her.
JillPole: Dr. Chandra has arrived, and Aria is preparing for the lecture. However, Dr. Chandra isn't used to non-humans and it takes him a while to calm down.
TheLostCharn: Loren and Eliana, a newly-wed and with-child couple, walk together to the lecture. On the way, the contemplate the possibility of travelling to the stars.
TheLostCharn: Erica comes over to apologise for Val's eccentric behavior, and ends up making friends with Roj and Axe.
stargazer: More preparations for the lecture. Abby visits friends who came.
Ryadian: Evelyn is summoned by Hasaré to her office to talk about her recent memory losses and mood swings. After a little prodding, Hasaré gets the whole story out of Evelyn, and begins to tell her of a burned down village they found…which is quite possibly the one she lived with as a young girl. Near the end, Hasaré gets to the point and tells Evelyn that she’s an Empath.
shastastwin: Erik and Ambrose continue to talk. They discuss how Ambrose and Christopher might be restored by technology in Erik's homeworld. Ambrose hears a voice in his head, giving him instructions about how to proceed. They agree to go to Erik's world, after Ambrose takes care of a few things. Ambrose tells Erik where he is from.
starkat: Lianna, Olivia, and Ryder go to the lecture together, unaware that a figure is watching them. Soon after arriving, Olivia feels her connection with Verena is a bit shaky, but they decide she was just distracted and sit down.
stargazer: Erik reflects on his encounter with Ambrose
JillPole: Dr. Chandra's lecture, which goes without a hitch.
JillPole: Aria talks to an old man named John Hobson, who is from the same place as Dr. Chandra. Aria also notices a mysterious cloaked young man that she doesn't recognize, but she doesn't get a chance to talk to him. During the lecture, Hobson leaves, apparently to get a glass of water to soothe his coughing fit, and a while later, the Gibsons and Ryder do the same. Aria asks Hugh about it later, who saw the Gibsons and Ryder leave (and saw that Olivia's medallion fell off), but not Mr. Hobson---just a young man he didn't recognize. Aria has a strong feeling that something is wrong, and she goes to the mansion to give Olivia her medallion.

Page 19:
starkat: Apparently, the Gibsons and Ryder left because Olivia couldn't contact Verena. They all decide to go back and check on her.
stargazer: Erik and Abby meet Loren and Eliana at the lecture, and they discuss the many things they have in common.
starkat: Katherine lost contact with her family the night of the lecture, and she and Gwanuig returned to town as quickly as possible...but it took two days. Katherine goes to their room and discovers that some kind of explosion destroyed most of the interior. At first, she fears that her family was taken with it, but she discovers that Verena is still alive---and in the care of Ekko. Meanwhile, Aria seems to have suffered some kind of injury, and Oceana is doing her best to care for her.
TheLostCharn: Loren and Eliana discuss the evening, and reveal a tiny sliver of their past.
shastastwin: Amb finds the unconscious Dawn and Xander. He decides to take them to the Rescue Center.
shastastwin: A catch-up segment following the two goons that were sent by Elana to recapture Ambrose at the end of the last Story.
Aravanna: We meet Alex, Erica's brother in depth for the first time. He's just come back from a tour of England to pick up his fairy dragon, Embramaern. In the process, we learn about the professor who's behind the whole fairy dragon thing. The professor is dying of cancer and so give Alex an extremely valueable pair of fairy dragons. The female is Valyantasha's sister. Both of those fairy dragons will probably possess magic, unlike Embramaern. After this meeting, Alex gets back on the boat to America to complete college.
Aravanna: See above
Aravanna: See above
Aravanna: See above
Aravanna: See above
stardf29: Isaac and Nerrha head over to the Rescue Center to drop off something that Akira Wazaki borrowed from Toby. Afterwards, in the field, Isaac gets to meet Hannah, who promptly falls in love with him.
Ryadian: Vanessa decides to go to Dr. Chandra’s lecture, in hopes of getting a little more social, as she knows that’s a weak point of hers. She meets up with Erik, who she has met as Phoenix Archer before, but not as Vanessa---and she has a little difficulty keeping her stories straight!
Ryadian: Evelyn has begun Empathic training, and is reflecting on a few things that have changed. For instance, she’s been telling Hasaré a lot more now…but she is also getting an increasing number of impressions that Hasaré is hiding something from her. She’s been shrugging it off as some of the other random (and often false) impressions she’s been getting, which she believes is just a by-product of her training, but now she’s beginning to wonder how accurate they are….
stardf29: Hannah is sent to stay for a while at a friend's house with a promise of dinner afterwards, while Isaac and Nerrha meet with Nessa about her findings. The shield to Brandon's headquarters is down, but Brandon seems to have expected that and has laid several traps. Furthermore, the falling of the shield has quickened the rate at which the monster in which Isaac's mother is trapped in drains her life. Nerrha tries to persuade Isaac to think carefully before making a decision, but Isaac thinks he needs to go right away, and the two end up in an argument that results in Isaac's running off to find Brandon's headquarters, though without a map.
Ryadian: Vanessa and Tara are taking a walk, both mentally intending to patch things up, but find themselves avoiding the subject. However, just as they are about to touch on it, they hear something that sounds like crying. They discover a strange looking girl, who looks about sixteen, with blue hair, and lavender eyes…which make her appear to be blind. They’re both startled, and are about to ask who she is when she suddenly calls Vanessa “Evelyn”. A few moments later, she also realizes she mistook Vanessa for someone else, then unexpectedly faints. They decide to get her medical attention.

Page 20:
leuthilalda: Rose, Toby, Sea-Lilly, and Shasta review the events of the day over tea.
Ryadian: Phoenix Archer and Anna bring the mysterious girl back to the cabin and explain the situation to Rose and Sarah. After a brief exchange of “What do we do now”s between the group, Phoenix Archer finally remembers something about the “Rescue Center” built in town. After a brief discussion of whether they should go as phoenixes or humans. Finally, they decide on humans, since the girl already has “seen” them (they remember she appears blind, but she also seems to recognize people by “feel”) as humans. However, they all decide to go, as it’ll make transportation easier.
JillPole: What happened at the mansion is re-told from Oceana's point of view. At the lecture, Eruheran pulled her out of the Emporium, telling her Aria was in dange, and over to Adara, all the while trying to keep his identity hidden. However, he whispered to Adara in Elvish, and Oceana put the pieces together. They arrived just in time to see the explosion, and Oceana quickly put her power over water to use to put out the fire, as the sprinkler system had been sabotaged. They find Aria in the room, alive but badly injured. As Eruheran carries her out to tend to her, he tells Oceana they'll have a long talk later. Back to the present time, Ekko takes Katherine to see Aria...but she's still not ready to talk, due to her injuries, so Oceana tells Katherine everything she knows...including that they found Olivia's medallion in Aria's pocket. A voice tells Katherine her relatives have been captured by a "hunter".
starkat: Ryder wakes up in a pitch-black room with Lianna (and he assumes Olivia), though they're still unconscious. He tries to contact Katherine, and he manages to get one word out before he's injected with something. A voice informs him that he's been injected with "venom", and they're bait for a trap...one designed for Katherine.
shastastwin: Toby is surprised to find Ambrose stumbling out of the woods at the Rescue Center. The half-gargoyle barley sees the two unconscious vamps safe before turning to stone for the day.
Cymru: Erik Silvermoon goes to visit J in the Ditto Town jail, where Rocks is currently standing guard, and, locking himself alone in the prisoner's cell, begins aggressive negotiations.
Cymru: Erik has a flashback to when he was a young gargoyle, before he had even married Abby. Alexander Xanatos, a family ally, asks Erik to go on a mission to Venus for him. Erik agrees to think it over and discuss it with his family.
JillPole: The voice turns out to be Eruheran. Apparently, he'd been using his new abilities and discovered there was a "mercenary malevolence" (the Hunter, as he later reveals) stalking Katherine's family and had tried to stop it. However, he and Oceana arrived too late. Ekko mentions that Aria came to her apartment with Verena, then dashed back to Olivia's without an explanation. While they're talking, Katherine hears the brief message from Ryder---as did Verena. It confirms that Ryder and the others are alive, but probably captured. Soon after this, Aria comes into the room, limping but conscious.
starkat: Lianna and Olivia wake up, and Lianna does her best to convince her sister that Verena is all right. Ryder seems to have a concussion, but their captor assures them he'll be all right if he gets some sleep and doesn't hit his head again. Later, Ryder wakes up again, and tells them "Katherine knows. Rena's alright." before passing out again. Lianna asks what happened, and then begins to remember.
Cymru: Bronwyn, Will, and Susan walk through Ditto forest towards their joint fate. Bronwyn seizes an opportunity.
Cymru: Erik Silvermoon finally addresses the dead chicken on the jailhouse floor
Cymru: A brief explanation of the history of Port Carcinoma, a port on the Venusian moon Angora.
Cymru: Erik Silvermoon lands on the moon, mentioned above, and checks the place out. In the meantime, someone else is checking him out. Of course, we're not saying who....yet.
Cymru: Erik has an eventful first night in Port Carcinoma, at a pub called The Black & Blue
Cymru: Erik makes a friend on Port Carcinoma and, being his last night, finally asks him what the D in Captain D stands for.
Cymru: A different view of the walk in the woods